Why do hips get wider?

At the time of puberty, there are so many changes that occur in the male and female Body during reproduction. In adult humans, muscle mass increases due to exercise, and fat distribution may change due to hormone variations which can be the cause for wide hips. Also, the inherited genes play a massive part in the development of body shape.

As you may read or heard the phrase “hips don’t lie.” Yes, it’s true. It’s time for you to find out what your wide hips are telling you is correct. Sometimes it feels like the wide hips have their own life sometimes, as you are dealing with that extravagantly curvy wide hips from a very long time.

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Struggles/Disadvantages of Being the Girl with Wide Hips

wide hips- difficult to find clothes

Our Body has different shapes and sizes. For some of us, the Lord blessed us with wide hips. Body shapes are unique, and every one has its uniqueness.
At times, they affect your life in distinct ways, or ways, you never even knew they could. Below I have collected some of the struggles faced by the people having wide hips.

>1. People will tell you about your wide hips

People will tell you about your hips like you don’t previously know about it. Obviously, you having wide hips knows that you have the wide hips. It makes you remember a couple of time in a day. Generally, when we put clothes on and look in the mirror.

>2. Jeans are hard to find

The struggle to wear jeans is finding very difficult. Wide hips make it extremely difficult to find jeans that can fit everywhere, from your legs to your waist.

>3. A dress you wear looks long enough

The clothing you wear looks long enough until or unless you put it on.
It makes your dress shorter and a less modest. After you put the dress on you, it seems to be very short because of your wide hips.

>4. When people judge your waist

 disadvantages shocked - whoopcraze.com
When people find and judge your waist dimensions on jeans. Yes, we get bigger waist sizes because otherwise, our pants don’t fit. Size is just a number.

>5. Wearing Loose fitting dresses are not very complimentary.

dangerous curves
Loose fitting dresses are not very complimentary. You seem like you are covering a circus tent into yourself.

>6. Dance to get your pants on.

jeans dont fit on your thigh
You do a little Dance to get your pants on. People may know about the jean-put-on dance, but they don’t know how much irritating it is to put our jeans, especially when it’s washed.

>8. Thigh Sweat.

thigh sweat - wider hips
With wide hips comes large thighs. Summer months are hot, and thigh sweat is real. Prepare to leave an imprint of your legs on any plastic or leather.

>9. Pull your jacket up so you can zip it.

Are you thinking of wearing a jacket? Pull jacket up, zip it, and then pull it back down, it’s actually annoying.


Advantages of Being the Girl with Wide Hips

When you embrace your body, those wide hips add extra fair to your shape, and they can be complimentary for you. But if we see, on the other hand, they can be an annoyance too.

Curviness is now getting a moment in the sun lately, with celebrities and beauty bloggers championing wide hips. But if we see carefully its always been a desirable trait. Old paintings of goddesses and royalty indicate that they always had curved bodies with wide hips. This was the glorious symbol of pure fertility and attraction.

So many people those who born with wide hips, its a part of life for them and not a fashion trend.

I know it’s not very easy. But don’t think the grass is always greener. You should always try to accept an enjoy the way you were built, as God only made you. But what does having wide hips mean a lot for the people that have them?

>1. More Sexual Partners

people having borad hips
Genuinely speaking, women having curvier hips can play more one night stands. Men are attracted to the curves of women. They are hard-wired to seek that out. Curves are usually a sign of fertility. And men attracted to women with their curved fuller bodies.

>2. Keeping the celebrity standards

Many people are the die-hard fans of wide hips. When the people really want the wide hips like Kim Kardashian and complain about it, then you smile at them. You know genetics play a vital role, and they gave you that leg up in life.

>3. Looks awesome in High-waisted clothing

High-waisted clothing - broad hips -whoopcraze

Bikinis, high waisted skirts, pants, and jeans look super on you. They not only look you good but accelerate your shape, and you don’t have to aware of your curves. Your wardrobe is not perfect and is incomplete without a pair of high waisted trousers.

>4. More fertile

Research has shown, the wide hips people have higher potential to have children. All this depends on hormone levels, and it often set some standard of what is considered more desirable in western society.

>5. Partner’s parents will be happy with you.

The parents of your partner definitely love you. Deep down, you know it’s partly because of your ‘child-bearing hips.’ Whether or not you want children is a different matter. When they look at you they can’t help but see is the potential for lots of grandkids.

>6. Your silhouette is always in fashion.

Your silhouette is always in fashion.

From ancient times, through the ’60s, to the modern age going on – wide hips have always been in trends a fashionable and are the inspirations for the many different garments. You can see the examples for tailoring of pouffy, corsetted dresses for monarchs, doo-wop fashion and 1930’s pencil skirts. Famous icons embraced their curviness. So you’ll never go out of style.

>7. They’re the Swiss army of body parts

You notice that your hips can be more than they’re designed for. They can be used as some kind of shelf or tool. You always try to balance bags on them, open doors with them, push people out when required with them. Yes, you can say they’re pretty handy.

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