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Weird Sex: 10 unusual weird Sex to spice up your sexual life !!

After being with our partner for a time, you feel Sex as a daily routine, and it starts to feel the same. So everyone wants something new in there life if the same things are happening every day it feels boring. People find creative ways to have weird Sex.

Everyone is different, that means everybody likes Sex in their own way. There are so many exciting and creative sex positions and tricks to boost your sex life.

Some people will read sex stories, some watch adult contents, and some spend their time on apps like tinder or anonymous chat groups.

So why people try weird Sex?

Your sex life links to your well-being and your overall pleasure in life. If you are not able to get what you want out of it, you’re going to feel off and even somewhat unhappy. For your own health and satisfaction, try to have Sex the way you want to.

No matter how weird people consider, it to be. Trying something new every time makes the person happy and creative, and it also adds some spices to sex life.

Before going further, you may be interested in reading,

So curious to know? Here are some ways people engage in weird Sex to spice up their sexual life !!

>1. Obsessed with someone’s things

Is ever happened with you when you are sexually aroused by something that’s been worn or in physical contact by the desired person. From their dresses, innerwear to their cosmetics anything and every object can turn you on!

These types of people crazy that, sometimes they will steal panties and bra for their satisfaction…Bit Strange!!

>2. Sex in public

People have different types of fetishes, some likes to have a sex infront of others. Or sometimes they just do it to tick their sexy bucket list. What will happen? Will you get caught? Who will catch you? That’s what makes public Sex so exciting. It turns to weird Sex when couples do this in public, knowing others can see them.

They’ll do it on a balcony in the middle of the day or even in the ocean on a busy beach, or sometimes during night walks, they start making out besides of bushes.

>3. Group sex party or orgy

These types of parties are now common in so many places, and it has existed for many years, but still, it is considered as weird Sex.

Generally, Sex is a thing which is usually kept between two people, and it has something, which makes a couple in love and stays together. But people join such parties quite often because they want new people, they want to try new things, they will experiment in new ways to satisfy their sexual hunger.

>4. Sex infront of the mirror

Its a type of sexual fetish that both women and men enjoy. It involves arousal from having Sex infront of mirrors.

They will enjoy certain activities like making out, masturbating, stripping, and performing all other types of sexual activity in front of mirrors. Even though you might not have this sexual fetish, trying mirror sex once in a while can surely help to spice up your sex experience.

>5. A Pet As A Sexual Buddy

This is also called as Zoophilia. It is a sexual fetish that involves sexual enjoyment with pets or animals, such as making out with dogs, horses and other animals, even though it is illegal, in some countries, there is no law against this. Maybe this will give pleasure to them but Sex with animals can be dangerous because several diseases can be spread from animals through intercourse.

>6. Poop Love

Coprophilia also termed as scat or scatophilia. Those with this type of fetish either like peeing on each other or enjoy their partners peeing on them.

Some such fetishists may even ask their partners to empty their bowels upon them, or even express a desire to poop on their partners.

They also like the texture, feeling, and smell of feces in a sexual manner. Sexual gratification results from having feces touching the skin or by rubbing the feces on the genitals.

>7. When you want to sex Corpse

Necrophilia, It is a sexual fetish which involves sexual attraction to corpses that is dead bodies. It also includes intercourse with non-human bodies.
It involves a wide range of weird things such as touching a dead body, kissing, sexual intercourse with the dead body. Some are desperate necrophiles who kill people to have sex.


>8. Watching people doing sex

Voyeurism, Some people get aroused by looking at other people doing sex in real life. They like to watch sex and for that, they will do a crazy thing. Like they will watch from keyholes, peeping out from windows and what not.

>9. Love watching porn

Pictophilia, Love watching porn or like looking at pornographic images, this fetish is common and almost all are filled with this fetish. Even in some countries, it is banned but people find different ways to watch such contents. And they even like to share contents on social media.

>10. Love licking and sucking

Podophilia, Licking your partner’s body, this is the fetish of getting sexual pleasure and arousal out of sucking, nibbling, licking, touching or caressing someone’s feet. Now it becomes a common sexual practice and most of the couples like to suck and lick their partner’s genitals and body parts.

We wonder if there are only a handful of people left that like to have sex the old fashioned, traditional way. It now seems like the world is full of perverts who find sexual gratification with feces, animals, or even ghosts. If that was not enough, some go to the extent of having sex with dead bodies. Well, experts link these weird fetishes to mental problems, issues with childhood, the fear of rejection, or the inability to have sex normally.

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