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Most of us have that habit of judging people based on their external looks or maybe by their profession or things they do or what kind of opinion they harbor.

One such person who has faced lots of criticism from the judgmental society of ours but yet has managed to earn her own share of respect with dignity. It’s none other than “Sunny Leone”  who is currently one of the sought after actresses in Bollywood. Let’s know something in detail about Sunny Leone Childhood. 

> Sunny Leone Childhood

Originally born to a Sikh family with father hailing from Punjab and mother from Himachal Pradesh while in Ontario, Canada. She was named Karenjit Kaur Vohra by parents who opted for Sunny Leone. Also Karen Malhotra as her stage names. But interestingly her parents called her by the nickname “Gogu”.

As self-described by her she had a tomboyish attitude during her childhood. With athletic nature, and that she played street hockey with boys and also ice skating.

Though she was Sikh instead of public school she studied in the Catholic school as her parents felt it unsafe to enroll her to a public school. Though born in Canada she later shifted to the US along with her parents to be with her grandparents.

Irrespective of what her career choice was we can see in these pics that she had a normal childhood like most of the people around.

Here we can observe that she looks like any other kid in the neighborhood.

She looks so cute as that doll there, surely she was always the “baby doll sone di” from the very beginning.

Now here is a pic with her father in his arms, both look so happy together. One as a toddler and another one as an infant near beachside in a cute pink dress.

Look at this innocent picture of her wearing that floral print top along with jeans.

Finally the last one from her teenage days she looks beautiful as ever.

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