10 Incredibly Simple Secrets to a Happy Married life

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Well, just because they make it look easy, it doesn’t mean its easy to have a happy married life. Marriages take a lot of work and time to turn into a happy one. And even more, efforts to maintain it to a happy one throughout the lifetime.

Marriage is a bond that brings two people together for a lifetime. No marriage in this world is a perfect one. It’s the couples who make their marriage a happy one. Every marriage has its fair share of ups and downs. Couples have to make efforts, learn new things, work harder on physical on an emotional level to make a marriage successful.

But the happily married couples overcome these with love and affection by staying together and supporting each other always. Having kids, maintaining work schedule along with all this every marriage needs constant efforts to work out.

Though marriage is not an easy path to walk along with someone, everyone still wishes to lead a successful married life. Here are some secrets that anyone can follow to have a happy married life. Try to keep these points in your mind and act accordingly; we can guarantee you that you can successfully lead a happy married life.

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Everyone wishes to know sure shot ways to have a happy marriage. Some tips that will help them through to enjoy their lifetime bond with happiness.

So here are the 10 secrets of a happy married life that will help you to understand how to lead a happy married life:

>1. Learn to do chores together

Most of the times, we observe that married couples fight over doing household chores. Who did what work and how the other does nothing is the topic most couples fight about frequently.  To avoid such frequent fights, it is better to do household chores together. Try to share tasks equally; do the ironing, cleaning stuff, washing dishes, or clothes on an alternative basis. Sharing chores will help to reduce ‘who did what’ fights and in turn, will also help to strengthen a relationship in the long run.

Learn to do chores together

>2. Learn to adjust

When you get married a lot of things changes in your life all of a sudden. You have to share your room, wardrobe, bed, in short, your personal space with your partner. You might not be comfortable with all these sudden changes but you need to learn to adjust to these new things. Maybe you might not like some habits of your partner, and even they cannot change them. You need to understand that they have their own habits just like you have yours. You need to learn to adjust accordingly, only then you can lead a happy married life.

Learn to adjust - Happy Married Life

>3. Doing Small things matters

When you get married, you have to spend all your time with your partner. In the case of working couples, once both of you get busy with your schedules, it gets difficult to give time to each other. Hence after marriage, it may not be possible to the big things like planning dates, trips together etc. This is when small things you do for each other matter. Things like taking care of your partner when sick, preparing their favorite dishes once a while;  planning them a surprise short trip; planning surprise movie date of their favorite movie series, etc. It’s these small things that you do for your partner that shows your sincere appreciation as well as love towards your partner.

Doing Small things matters

>4. Maintain effective communication

Once married, having effective communication can help you lead a happy married life. You should learn to communicate with your partner daily. Communicating shouldn’t be like what you did, how was your day kind. But it should be more of sharing your feelings, may it be good or bad. Make sure to share what is going on in your life and how you are feeling. Only if you know about each other’s feelings as well as situations only then you can provide the necessary support to each other. This way, you can lead a successful married life.

>5. Keep intimacy alive

It may happen so that sometime after the marriage, couples forget about intimacy. Once the honeymoon phase is over, couples do not care much about intimacy. Intimacy is not just having sex, but keeping that romance alive. Some couples do not prefer to have sex regularly. It’s completely their choice. It’s necessary to keep that spark alive. Intimacy can be achieved even just by simple things like taking a shower together, a warm hug, by kissing, etc. Try to have sex on a regular basis so that you and your partner can increase intimacy. You can spice up your sex life by trying new things such as fantasy role-playing, different positions, etc. To have a happy married life, it is necessary to keep that intimacy alive.

Keep intimacy alive - Happy Married Life

>6. Maintaining individuality

Everyone has their own nature of behavior, habits, preferences, etc. After marriage, it is necessary that you do not try to change your partner. It is quite possible that you might have liked that person because of their individuality. For a happy marriage, it is necessary that couples respect each other’s differences. Also, they should respect each other qualities and habits. So it is necessary that you should accept and appreciate your partner for their individy=ualitu instead of changing them. Hence for a happy married life, it is necessary that couples preserve their own individuality and also respect and appreciate their partner’s individuality.

>7. Keeping trust and being loyal

Having trust and being loyal to their partner is the basic foundation of any relationship. After marriage, it is necessary that you keep trust in your partner. Even if your partner made some mistakes in the past try not to judge them over past issues.

It’s not just having a trust, but you should also maintain loyalty towards your partner. You should not cheat on your partner and maintain your loyalty towards your life partner. Couples should stay faithful to each other, always no matter what.

Trust and loyalty are something that is both give and take kind of thing. For a happy married life, it is necessary that you trust your partner entirely and stay loyal towards them and vice versa.

Keeping trust and being loyal

>8. Avoid taking your spouse for granted

Most couples start taking their partners for granted soon after the marriage. Maybe it’s because of the level of comfort they attain after marriage, that now my partner will stay no matter what. Its human nature that we start to take our loved ones for granted once we realize that they won’t leave us. But you should make a not that for happy marriage its necessary to remember that never ever take your partner for granted. Always treat them with due respect that they deserve no matter what. Try to keep your partner happy by doing nice things for them every now and then.

Avoid taking your spouse for granted- Happy Married Life

>9. Stay away from using Divorce word

If you don’t have any intention of actually divorcing your partner, do not threaten them by using it. Threatening of divorce every time you fight with your partner will have a negative impact on your relationship. It may happen so that you might end up getting divorced when you actually didn’t mean to. Threatening will only help you manipulate and control your spouse, which isn’t cool at all in any relationship. You should have a healthy discussion if you have a problem in your relationship instead of simply threatening. Couples that use divorce as a backup during fights can only control each other but can never stay happy genuinely. So no matter how big the fight gets, stay away from threatening your partner of giving divorce.

>10. Making constant efforts

Marriage is a road which two individuals walk together. Marriage is about sharing as well as caring. To have a happy married life, both partners need to put equal efforts. Before marriage, you might have a fantasy about how an ideal marriage should be. You should keep in mind that fantasy is not reality. For a marriage to be a successful one, you need to work hard.

Making constant efforts

No marriage is a perfect one, but you can make it successful by putting in constant efforts to keep your partner happy. No matter small or big ones, both partners should genuinely put efforts to make their relationship a better one. By doing so, any marriage can become a happy marriage.

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You just need to remember that marriage is a lifetime bond that you form with someone. So it’s necessary that we lead a happy married life instead of just leading it for the sake of it. Try to enjoy and celebrate your relationship just as you would enjoy any festival. We hope that the above points will help you to make your married life a better one.

So what do you think about these points? Do you have any more secrets to lead a happy married life? Feel free to share secrets to your happy marriage.



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