If you want to send sexy text messages to someone, then trust me you were here at the right place, you will find 21 exact sexy texts to ON the mood for the naughtiest conversations.

The sexually explicit and naughty sex text messages are the part of the relationship which makes them complete.

We all have been at that stage, and we used to send the sexy messages and started sexy chat to our special someone.

But I can say that many of you ever felt somehow tricky or uncomfortable to start the naughty conversation through the sexy text messages.
And sometimes if your partner says something sexy in text messages, then your mind goes blank, like what to reply. Right?

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But don’t you worry now as we are here for you.

21 Sexy Text Messages:

>1.  I am feeling so cold outside. Can we share the common blanket?

>2. I am ON, and I wish if you could be here right now with me.

>3. If you don’t mind, Can we share a common house, common room as well as a common bed with you?

>4.  What are you wearing right now?

>5.  Can you guess the color of my underwear?

>6. My heart is missing your heart. Let us come close to each other so that my heart will not miss each other.

>7. I imagine you and me doing foreplay right now.

>8. I am watching porn right now.

>9. Yesterday I saw an erotic dream where you and I loved each other. Trust me, I mean it.

>10. I am looking for sex toys online.

>11. Can we play a game right now in my bed?

>12. Two pussies are humping outside my balcony. They are making the meowing sound so loud that I can’t go back to sleep.

>13. If you don’t want to be social right now, you can join me in privacy.

>14. I want to see you now. Can you send me your pictures of what you are wearing right now?

>15. Trust me. You have the sexiest boobs in the world. It brings a smile on my face when I am thinking of them.

>16. I want to feel your soft skin on my body. Can you come closer to me right now?

>17. I am missing your body pressed against mine. It makes me smile.

>18. I am getting horny when I am thinking about you now.

>19. I am thinking of you and me, doing foreplay.

>20. When you are wet, you look like the sexiest women on this earth.

>21. My teeth are so excited to rip your clothes off.

Dirtiness In Your Mind  – Now keep in mind all the dirtiness. And make sure to use these lines on them. It will make one of you hard and the other wet. Make them more unstoppable.

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