Have you ever feel intense inside when you are dating someone? You feel it. Right? Even I also passed from the same stage!! There are some of the types of sexy questions you can ask a girl and then you can easily identify what she likes in bed.

Trust me Its a part of fun and excitement when you fall for someone, have feelings for them and you want to do some wild things to make it fullest.

For you, I prepared some of the best 51 questions which you can ask her and increase the level of fun.

But, before going further you may be interested in reading sexy text messages that actually works to start the conversations

If she is very much comfortable with you and she is willing to play games with you, then you can ask these questions to make her more wild in bed for the next time.


51 Sexy Questions you can ask a Girl:


>1.  What do you like during sex the most?

>2. What are the things which make you hesitated to try during sex but ends up loving?

>3. Are you a moaner? A screamer?

>4. What is the best solution for getting yourself off?

>5. What is the best thing which makes you feel loved in bed?

>6. For you In which possible position you orgasm in the most relaxing and reliable way.?

>7. Did you ever did blow job? What is your favorite blow job technique?

>8. What is the real way to make you wet in bed?

>9.  How many positions did you try yet?

>10. What is your technique to get a man off?

>11. What is your best sex position?

>12. Do you ever have sex with someone in your dream?

>13. What makes you more Comfortable when you are Naked someone?

>14. What is your favorite part of a man’s body?

>15. Which part do you like in your own body?

>16. Your dirtiest dream which you ever head till now?

>17. What is the dirtiest and naughtiest thing you did in public place?

>18. Do you like taking naked photos of yourself?

>19. What you like most rough or gentle?

>20. What is the best way you prefer to make a man warm in bed?

>21. Do you like to take a shower after sex?

>22. What is your sexiest memory you ever had?

>23.  What is sexual fear for you?

>24. Have you ever experienced threesome?

>25. How many people you had great sex? Tell me the number.

>26. What is the best part of foreplay you ever had?

>27. Do you like if someone you like to lick your pussy?

>28. What is the sexiest thing you ever want to try more and more time?

>29. What is the naughtiest thing you ever asked a man?

>30. Which type of sex do you like the most?

>31. What is the feeling when you get an orgasm?

>32. Have you ever kissed the person of the same sex?

>33. Can you describe the taste of your vagina?

>34.  How much seriously sex life is for you?

>35. Would you let me kiss your hot lips?

>36. What is the first impression comes in your mind when you see me?

>37. Have you ever did sex with the stranger?

>38. What do you like most – hot shower or bubble baths?

>39. Do you like scratching the bed sheet during sex?

>40. What is your favorite thing you like in my body?

>41. What are your secret fantasies?

>42. Sex for you is a one night stand or more than that?

>43. What you prefer most during sex – being in control or being controlled?

>44. Have you ever had sex with your manager or boss?

>45. What is the priority of sex for you in your life?

>46. What is the exciting thing which makes you wet in no time?

>47. Have you ever tried to make your erotic fantasy real?

>48. What is the hottest compliment you ever got?

>49. What is the sexiest complement you ever to a man?

>50. Who is the luckiest person to whom you wish you could fuck?

>51. What do you like the most – Food before fun or fun before food?

Try out these 51 sexy questions you can ask a girl and enjoy the level of fun and excitement.

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If you know some more naughty questions which I forgot to post or which you want to ask, you can share it in a comment section below.

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