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Same Sex Marriage Essay is a hot topic now and here in this post, you will get a brief idea about this.

Essay on Same Sex Marriage

It became acceptable for a man and a man to be in love, along with a woman and a woman and even a man to be a woman and vice versa. But not everybody found this as an “acceptable way of life.” Ever since folks started to develop into more open about their sexual orientation, they started combating for his or her rights. After all, you love who you love, and nobody else ought to be capable of stopping you from living a cheerful, protected, insured life. The majority of people that oppose same sex marriage do it as a result of they consider that letting homosexual couples get married would redefine marriage itself.

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Love is available in all types. It can be improper to say that an individual can not marry somebody simply because they don’t seem to be from the opposite sex. The world is evolving greater than ever, and we have to sustain it with times. Same-sex marriage is when an individual chooses to marry the same sex instead of the other. We shouldn’t shun this idea anymore

.sex marriage essay

In different words, gone are the days when folks needed to be ashamed due to their sexuality. In today’s accepting world, we should make an approach for each human being regardless of their gender. One wants to understand that there are greater than two genders. Society must be extra inclusive of every kind of person. It will make the world a happier place when everybody feels they’re accepted and appreciated.

Importance of Same Sex Marriage

All of us are human beings at the end of the day. Before labeling one another with the faith, we observe or the folks we select to love. Everyone should understand this reality and act prefer it. Same-sex marriage is more than important in today’s time because the world is progressing.

Moreover, folks can finally be themselves and own their individuality. Just as a result of somebody doesn’t love an individual from the opposite sex, it doesn’t make them improper. We can love anybody we wish.

In addition, it’s better to spend the rest of your life with somebody from the identical sex you love rather than the opposite sex whom you don’t even like. People will clearly lead completely satisfied lives with their family members rather than being compelled to marry somebody.

Same-sex marriage provides the opposite folk’s hope that they’ll even have a future. In addition, it paves a brighter path for the LGBTQ community. This community has already suffered sufficient as a consequence of discrimination. They deserve to have the ability to marry whomever they want regardless of gender or sex.

General View on Same Sex Marriage

Those who help same sex marriage argue that homosexual couples should be able to get married and rejoice their love as each other traditional couple does. They state that same sex marriage doesn’t weaken the meaning of marriage as others consider. Love is love. Anyone, no matter who they love, should be capable to not solely rejoice their love, but in addition, live life the way in which conventional couples do with all the advantages. These advantages embrace tax reductions on estates, adoption, employee, social safety, and survivor advantages (Gay Marriage). Gay couples can not reproduce offspring so that they sometimes turn to adoption when they need a family. This might maintain the number of kids within the foster care system and provides needy kids with a warm and loving home.

According to the opposing aspect, marriage should reside between a man and a woman. Anything else weakens the meaning of marriage. They argue that by legalizing homosexual marriage, it should pave the way in which for legalizing polygamy, incest, bestiality, and result in a weaker marriage and a weaker family. Marriage is already threatened with excessive divorce charges, and permitting homosexual marriage would give some folks the power to have bestiality come into play and marry other objects. 

Another argument is the kids that homosexual couples won’t be raised in an optimum environment because of the lack of nurture the other gender partner brings to their little one’s life. For anyone who’s going through an irritating time corresponding to defending their marriage or love, they want a support group or neighborhood that they can always rely on. This is the place the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) neighborhood comes into the scene. The LGBT section is comprised of people who find themselves both homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender, questioning, or supporters who wish to see marriage equality in the near future.

The LGBT community additionally claims to have another meaning to their name, “Love, Grace, Beauty, and Truth.” The thought is that everybody can fit in a sure field or class titled love, grace, beauty, or reality. However, most gays are inclined to not pertain to a certain “box” as a result of they’re completely different from the common straight individual. Love stands for lesbian, and it’s an emotion that fills the human heart with pleasure and lust for something or someone. It isn’t just pertained in the direction of a person and a lady; love can happen between two women. 

Debate on Same Sex Marriage, Essay

Same-sex marriage particularly shouldn’t be encouraged. There are many international locations that have stringent legal guidelines in opposition to it, but the individuals are open-minded. If we talk about India, neither are the legal guidelines lenient however the individuals are additionally very narrow-minded.

Most importantly, we should give these folks an opportunity to show themselves. Indian society doesn’t like change. It shouldn’t be as adaptable as western international locations. India nonetheless wants time to be okay with the idea of same-sex marriage.

However, not knowing about the idea is a different factor, and fully opposing it’s completely different. Not solely in India, however, in different international locations, folks don’t support same-sex marriage because they suppose it’s in opposition to their faith.

Thus, this creates a whole lot of issues for them. People are not looking for the LGBTQ community to get the appropriate to marry their lovers. This takes away their very primary human rights. The LGBTQ community has fought for a very long time for his or her rights. Yet there’s a far way to go.

When we discuss India, we see how it’s on its approach to progress. Like the way, it ended Section 377, which criminalizes homosexuality. However, we still have a long way to go when it comes to the LGBTQ community. We must not any form of love, be it same-sex marriage or anything else. 


Everyone has their one life and their way of happiness. We should support such things so that these community people also live in our society with pride.

I hope you like this Same Sex Marriage Essay. If you have any suggestion Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

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