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Romance On Bed – 9 Things He Will Do During Sex If He Loves You

It may be months or years but you can’t tell that what he thinks about you and what are the true feelings of him for you. He may fool you to his benefits when its all about romance on bed for him.

But men are not that much difficult to read, you can easily identify whether he is cheating on you or not.

As its just romance on bed or a one night stand but the feelings and emotion are connected with each other that time you can’t ignore or flush them easily from your mind until or unless if its all about sex or time pass.

Without wasting much of your time lets jump to the points which may be helpful for you.

>1. Eye Contact

Making a connection during romance on the bed through eyes is one of the other ways of communicating with each other. Eyes can’t lie and its true. You can look deep into the people heart by having eye contact.

The time when he is making love to you, he doesn’t just see somewhere else. But if he is just staring outside the window or wall to just finishing off rather than loving you and feels every moment making love with you. He is fake.

Obviously his emotions you can’t see without words. But his eyes can’t speak the lie. If your men are avoiding eye contact with you, it means he is lying as well as his emotions are fake.

Be careful if the men can’t even speak by looking into your eyes. In some cases, men may be shy or they can manipulate you.

>2. Kisses All Over

Kisses are a part of love. It connects your love with each other. There are the sensitive nerves on the lips that capture the signal of love. Obviously, that is one of the first and powerful intimate touches in a relationship.

If he really loves you then his kisses bring you emotions, his passion, and the feel which you need to have you in his loving life. That feel makes you forget everything around you and feels like so loving towards him. His such intense make you worry free doing romance on bed.

>3. Emotional During Sex

Emotional during sex doesn’t mean he will cry while making out or during sex. It means that his affection, gratitude towards you is real. He hugs you tighter and kisses you slowly. And will clear with you that you are also equally involved in that atmosphere or not.

He will take care of you in each and every moment while making out.

>4. Communicates You

If he loves you then he will spend time and communicates with you about what you need, what makes you feel good or what makes you feel worst. He loves you and he wants to take it as per your choice.

If he has emotions and feelings for you then he will
definitely try, make sex pleasurable and comfortable for you.

If he is standing by your side and loves you then sex for him shouldn’t be painful. He will take care of you and ask you in between about your comfort. He doesn’t want to hurt you.

Even after it’s over, he will hug you, give kisses on your forehead and talk to you after sex. Communication can be verbal as well as nonsexual touches in your body.

>5. Romantic Atmosphere

If a man loves you deep from his heart then he will never just jump into sex and cause you pain. He will slowly make you comfortable and gently turns you ON.

I know that you also want a romance with him. A candlelight dinner date, watching romantic movies, sitting together in a balcony and counting stars together, watching the sunset near to the beach areas and much more.

This thing not only makes you feel good but also make your mood ON for the romantic night with partner.

He can’t do all this in one night. But you know what, he will do something which is noticeable and make you feel special.


>6. Professional life Apart

Men do make excuses for their professional life if they are no more interested. There are the men who even bring their professional life in between sex.

See there can be different reasons maybe they really have that much pressure from the boss side, meetings or projects. They come back home with loads of office work which is enough to make their mood off and kill the mood of romance on the bed.

But if your man really loves you he will make your sex life a priority more than his other works. He won’t discuss his professional life at that time. He knows that making love with you and taking care of you will always be in priority.

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>7. Makes You Comfortable During Romance on Bed

If your man loves you he will make you comfortable at each and every stage during sex.

If you have issues having sex without protection then he will never ever force you for that, instead of it he will ask you what you want or do you want to try any other positions during sex. Your comfort and convenience are in priority for him.

If you are not comfortable with the sex, it’s paining you and he is not stopping himself then trust me there is no love involved. It’s just about the sex or romance on the bed for him.

Many times it feels good when he tells and pick up the clues which you will not say but he can understand it and makes you feel pleasant.

>8. Not Being Perfect Doesn’t Matter

If he is your real man then he will never make any complaint if you made any mistakes from your side. He will never make you feel bad in front of other people.

He finds the perfection in your imperfections while make out and will love you always.

If its a mistake which is somehow he should react on it. He will just encourage you to make things better.

The loving guy will accept you in every shortcoming. But if the guy is doing opposite of it then trust me to leave him and never stay with these kinds of guys.

These guys will turn your small problems to the big one. Check him out and his intention he might be searching to fulfill his sexual desires not love.

>9. Discover true feelings

Different people have their own behavior as well as feelings. You might notice some other things which our heart feels and notices and we can predict whether it is correct or not.

Sex is also one of the most powerful methods through which you can discover people’s true feelings. Sex doesn’t lie at all.

From the next time remember these 8 golden points in your mind while having sex or romance on bed with your man. Trust me it helps you to know and realize the truth behind the scenes.

Like, share and tell us in the comment section below if we missed out anything other then the points mentioned above.


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