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Fun games to play in Car: 10 Road Trip Games to Play in Car for Adults

Many of the people love to play games during there road trip so here we introduced and explained some of the top 10 fun road trip games to play in the car which adults will enjoy a lot.

Road trip games can turn a boring drive into a fun activity event that can give you laugh out loud and bring you closer together. These road trip games are for all the people who want to play games during their road trip, including college students as well as preschoolers.


Games to play in Car: Road Trip Games 2019

These are the games you can play in your car during the road trip. Try out these games to play in the car and make your road trip a rememberable one which keeps you going along the way.

1. While You Were Sleeping

If you people have the sleepy passengers in the car, then trust me this car ride game is for you.

Game: When someone falls asleep, Create an anonymous story which can be realistic.

  • At least a must fall asleep.
  • After 2 to 5 minutes of slumber, the awake person starts to create a story which can be believable.
  • Each person will take turns adding the story.
  • When the passenger wakes up, you have to make believe them that the story is true.
  • If somebody breaks any character, then they going to lose a point.
  • If somebody forgot or went out of scrip, you ask “Are you sure ” and if that person is silence at that time than that person loses two points.
  • Now if you successfully make a fool of the person, then each of the storytellers gets 3 points.
  • If sleeping person fools all of them and joins their story perfectly then, they steal there all the current total points.

The one with the highest point wins the game.

2.  24 Questions

For a good old fashioned guessing game. This is one of the excellent road trip fun games to play during the car ride.

Game: Guess what the person is thinking in 24 questions.


  • Someone has to think something.
  • Then the car will begin by asking questions.
  • You don’t have to repeat the questions you asked.
  • Whoever guesses the right answer will start the next round.
  • The person who gives the correct answer will get 1 point.
  • After all 24 questions come over the person who gets the highest points will win the game.

    3. Did you hear that!

Going on a road trip if your friends or car mates are current Or hip on events then definitely you should play “Did you hear that ?”

Game: Make fool to the opponent and win the game.


  • You have to try to fool the opponent.
  • You can start by saying like did you hear that ……. Happened?!
  • Now, its all depends on your opponent what he will say – they can say like it didn’t happen or tell me more about it what happened?
  • If the opponent guesses that it didn’t happen then the opponent gets 2 points.
  • Now, if the opponent incorrectly guesses that it didn’t happen, then you can steal one point and gain two more scores.
  • If you are asked, to tell me more about it, points double at the end of the statement.


4. The singing Game

For a car full of passengers we can Play “the singing game.”

Game: connect different song lyrics to the fun and excitement along with the singing game


  • Anyone of the people starts singing soon.
  • Use lyrics with a song the opponent has to connect it with any song.
  • You can make it continue as much as anyone messes the lyrics or a stumble


Love me as you do…

…Do you know…

…Why I love you…

5. The Movie Game

If your car is full of film groupie.

Game: connect the different actors through movies they have starred in..

Rules :

  • The game can be started with an actor/actress.
  • One of the people has to say a movie in which that actor/actress played a role.
  • Now the following person has to state another actor/actress from that particular movie. This continues.
  • If someone is incorrect, they are out and has to sit out the next round.


.Robert Downey, Jr

–> Avengers..

Tom Cruise

–>  Mission Impossible..

6. Fortunately/ Unfortunately Game

If all of the people sitting in the car are optimists, you can play this car ride game.

Game: in this game, people have to make the fortunate situation out of unfortunate situations


  • Starting with any of the one people in a car, they have to start by saying “fortunately” and mentioning something fortunate.
  • Now, the next person has to say unfortunately for the previous situation.
  • The chances will Move clockwise in the car switching between unfortunate and fortunate.
  • If someone gets stuck in between, they get a strike.
  • Three strikes maximum, and you will be out of the game.
  • The last man left, wins the game.


Fortunately, today we are going to Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, most of the casinos closed theirs.

7.  The Alphabet Categories

All know it not think that this is a road sign game.

Game: As its not a road sign game. In this game, you name things in alphabetical order from a category


  • Minimum of three persons required.
  • One person should be a judge.
  • You can start with any random category like mobile, food, car, etc
  • Now, what you have to do is you will begin with A and move down the ABC’s alphabets.
  • You have to get as particular with your categories as you want.
  • The person who gets as much as specific with their categories (the judge will decide) will get 1 point.
  • The team who reach 10 points wins the game.

8. Regional Food Master

You can play local food master game if you love to get your snacks ON.

Game: Collect the most regional snacks between the start of your trip until the end of your road trip.


  • The first job you have to do is every gas station you stop at, and you have to find a local snack.
  • You can only get the one food item per gas station.
  • The food item should be local which means it has to be created within that area only.
  • The person whoever has the most snacks by your destination wins.
  • No count for duplicate Cities.

9. The Counting Game

If your car partners love to play maths wizards.

Game: The game is for all. See how much high you can collectively count without order.


  • Anyone person can start with a random number.
  • Another person next to them follows at random with the following number.
  • If two person says the same number at the same time, you start over.
  • If the pause is more than 5 sec, you start over.
  • You are trying to get number 20.

10. Battles of the Band

For aspiring the DJs in your car this game best suits. You must try it.

Game: tow people will battle to pick the best song based on a particular category.


  • Other than two any third person will give a category theme it can be either love songs or songs about cities, songs about country, etc.
  • Each contestant has 45 seconds for a round.
  • Total five rounds will be there. The judge will decide the theme of each round.
  • Each contestant plays their selected song.
  • The judge will decide out of two which one is best.
So here we listed the top 10 road trip games you can easily play can have a lot of fun.

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