How to manage long distance relationship effectively? Important Things You Need to know

In this modern world where people change their partners every six months maintaining a regular relationship is itself quite difficult, forget about a long-distance relationship.

Being in a long distance relationship there are so many problems faced by couples. The distance between the two lovers is definitely gonna affect their relationship in some way or the other.  That’s the reason why even most of your friends may suggest you not to be completely attached to your partner.

As most of them feel that you may end up breaking up really soon and you will get hurt at the end.

Here are 15 points which will help you to manage your long distance relationship effectively.

Try to consider these points so that your long distance relationship becomes a smooth ship to sail.

>1. Have effective communication

When you are not together physically, communicating clearly with each other plays a crucial role in your relationship.

Communication is a major key in any long-distance relationship. You stay connected with your partner through communication and hence most of the long-distance relationship couples know the importance their communication time really well.

You can make communication your strong point in your relationship compared other couples who are together physically.

It is because you can express everything verbally as you don’t have that opportunity to make any kind of physical gesture.

Hence you will try to convey your exact feelings using elaborate words, which otherwise you might have expected your partner to understand through your gesture or your mood. You should keep this in mind that with no physical interaction, all you have is your words to express your feelings precisely.

Try to make sure to have quality communication rather than long ones to keep your relationship going without getting bored.

>2. When to communicate

As both of you will have some fixed schedules, you should pre-plan on when to communicate with each other.

So that you don’t have to disturb each other or may not have to end up waiting for the reply of your text or call at a random time of the day.  

Make sure to decide on to some fixed time of the day when you can talk or text each other. Like texting at night and maybe after waking up, making a call while leaving for work or from work back.

Try video calls whenever possible, it will help you feel more connected.

>3. Exchange Gifts

Technology has made things simple nowadays, so make use of it to stay connected to your loved ones. Whenever you feel that your partner is upset over something, order them their comfort food, from their favorite restaurant.

Try to send gifts to each other whenever possible to celebrate even the smallest of the occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays, valentine day, any career achievements, or any occasion try to celebrate it.

You can send handwritten love letters, your DIY gifts, or choose from some online gifts for your partner.

Though not possible to send expensive gifts every time, you can send flowers, cakes, chocolates, etc. Exchanging gifts will keep you happy and feel connected.

>4. Learn to manage fights effectively

Misunderstandings are very common in any relationship. But in case of LDR couples resolving that misunderstanding becomes the real challenge.

When you are not together physically, the only way to resolve that misunderstanding is by communication.

Whenever you fight, try not to run away from the situation and don’t let your ego come in between your relationship. Try to handle the situation calmly instead of just fighting blindly. Fighting will only make it worse as it will only let your misunderstandings grow. Hence try clearing your misunderstandings at the earliest by talking it out clearly.

Don’t mind explaining yourself or demanding explanation gently over a phone call preferably. Always remember that a simple unsolved misunderstanding can cost you your relationship.

>5. Consider it as a test

Staying apart will make you realize the importance of time when you are together physically. You can consider being apart as a test for your relationship.

You can check whether your love is strong enough to pass this distance test. Consider this as a difficult journey for your relationship where you can learn a lot more about each other than you could have been together.

If you can manage to stay apart and still be strong together as a couple, then definitely you will have a better future when together.

>6.Manage your expectations

Both of you need to be clear regarding your expectations from each other. You should be vocal regarding your expectations to your partner.

It should not happen that you do something that will upset your partner or something is done by your partner hurts you.

For this, you should have some kind of guidelines depending on what level you are comfortable with each other’s action. Is it okay to go on dates just for fun? Or to flirt with someone casually?.

You should open up to each other on what you expect to be done in these kinds of situations to avoid any misunderstandings later.

>7. Never Lie

No matter what, never lie to your partner. If you already know what upsets your partner try to avoid doing it.

Even if you do something displeasing your partner make sure to inform him/her just as assurance. You may feel that small lies here, and there are okay, but that’s not true.

If you are caught lying once, your partner is never gonna believe you completely the next time you say something.

Your partner will lose trust in you. Being distant, your partner is already worried about not being close to you. Lying will only increase doubtfulness, which in turn will only degrade your relationship.

>8. Try doing things together

In your free time try doing new things together. My boyfriend taught me to play Clash Royale and some times we play it together for hours together.

I recommended a book to him, and he loved reading it. Try to find something in common, things that you can do together.

Play online games together, watch web series or movies together, like that you will have new topics to talk over.

Doing similar things you can have a lot of common things to talk about. Recommend books, tv shows, movies, games, etc. to each other. This way you will also learn what kind of things your partner likes and you will know each other’s interests better.

>9. Don’t sacrifice your present

In every relationship, we require to make some sacrifices. Sacrifices also shouldn’t be made more than necessary, which will case to breed resentment and regret over time.

In the present, you end up ignoring your friends, colleagues, your interests, hobbies to make some extra time for your partner.

But, in future you may start regretting it, thinking maybe I could have enjoyed my life little more in the past with people present around me. Hence you should try to keep yourself engaged in your own life until you get together with your partner.

Do not isolate yourself, spend time with your friends and family, develop new interests or hobbies. Do not become entirely dependent on your partner to fulfill all your needs and your happiness.

You should build a life for yourself outside your romantic relationship, live each day fully and happily.

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>10. Have positive thoughts always

It gets challenging to maintain a long distance relationship, with the painful waiting time and sometimes the lonely feeling. But you should remember that patience only has sweet fruits for you to offer.

Always be thankful that you have someone in your life to love, someone who also loves you back. Make efforts, show them you care for hem even without being available physically.

You need to keep on reminding yourself to stay positive throughout your long distance relationship to keep it healthy.

Try to take it positively. Think that if you can manage your relationship so well being apart, then how happy you guys will be when you will be together later. Always keep that hope being happy together in future.

>11. Have your personal Signature Moments

Here, by signature moments I mean some fixed things that you should do daily. Send a good morning message as soon as you wake up and a sweet good night message before sleeping. Enquire about lunch and dinner, do it daily without fail. This keeps your connection alive where you can make your partner realize that he/she is in your mind from waking up to the moment you sleep. By putting such a simple effort, you make the other person feel loved. My boyfriend sends me a good morning message daily at 12.00am sharp; I m so used to it that if he misses it a single day I feel restless. Whenever i get that message, I just have that feeling that everything is alright.

>12. Do some dirty talking

When not together physically, naturally sexual tension buildup happens between couples.

It’s not always the sex that you crave for, but you miss those simple things like hugging and cuddling. Physical intimacy is not just the biological need, but also emotional need as well.

You can keep this burning desire alive be sexting, exchanging provocative pictures of each other or some sexy puns. If comfortable, you can try having phone sex, or maybe video chats.

Sexual desire is one of the reasons you stay connected to your partner. Do not suppress your sexual feelings. Try something comfortable for you both, so that you can manage to fulfill your inner desire.

>13. Have faith in each other

Any relationship ever built can stay strong on a crucial aspect- Trust. Building trust in a relationship is a two-way road.

You should have faith in your partner as much as you try to earn your partner’s trust in you. While most of them consider breaking your partner’s trust may only happen because of sexual infidelity.

But, it’s not so -lying, hiding other details, ignoring them for someone else, flirting, double dating, etc. also account for breaking trust.

Try to share all the events happening around your, details about your colleagues, roommates, share your feelings frequently. Doing this will keep your partner rest assured that you wouldn’t cheat and will never break their trust.

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>14. Stay honest with each other

Honesty is the best policy; they say which is entirely true. Share your feelings of fear, jealousy, insecurity, whatsoever.

If you hide your true feelings, it will buildup in your mind, and sooner or later it will cause you emotional breakdown. If you feel something related to your relationship, share it with your partner.

Don’t suppress your inner feelings and don’t try to manage everything singlehandedly. When you both are together in a relationship, try to support each other whenever needed.

Try to get rid of your problems in the initial stage itself so that you can avoid future complications. You can manage this successfully if you stay honest with each other.

>15. Plan your visits beforehand

Make sure to plan visits to each other once in a while. This will help you to keep your relationship going.

When you meet simple things like kissing, hugging, cuddling which are common for other couples will become special moments for you to cherish later.

You can fulfill your yearning desires of being close to each other, being able to feel each other. Having your visits planned beforehand will help you endure that being distant kind of feeling.

Also with as you will have something to look forward to, you will try to make those moments extra special. Spending that quality time with each other will help you rekindle that spark back into your relationship.

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