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How to make yourself Cry: Best 10 Methods to Weep it out easily

If you’ve ever needed to know methods to make yourself cry, you in all probability already understand how troublesome it may be. Here are methods to do it and make it convincing.

It’s not the best factor to know methods to make yourself cry, however generally, and there are specific conditions in life when it’s essential to cry. You could have to get out of work, avoid getting a rushing ticket, and even to manipulate your vital different into doing one thing you need!

At some level in your life, there can be a purpose to make yourself cry, and it might be finest to determine methods to do it earlier than that occasion really occurs. That’s why I’m here to help you learn to make yourself cry since you by no means know whenever you’ll have to.

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Why do we cry?

This could also be a question you’ve never actually thought a lot about earlier than. It’s merely one thing people do naturally, and no one actually ever asks why. Well, there’s a very massive purpose individuals are even in a position to cry. Who would’ve thought leaking fluid out of your eyes could be an evolutionary factor?

But it is. It’s believed that people cry as a result of it’s an indication of vulnerability. Those who cry get pity from others, and subsequently, usually tend to survive. Well, this was true means again when people have been nonetheless residing in caves. And perhaps it’s nonetheless true at the moment.

Why would you want to make yourself cry?

Well, there can be a few reasons. Maybe you’ve got been via a lot, and your tears dried up, and you may’ t consider the final time you had a good cry.

Provoking tears may be useful in your psychological well being. All these collected emotions will come pouring out of you, formed like tears.

You will really feel relief afterward. Real tears will give your soul aid and make your burdens simpler.

Crying generally is a type of remedy for you, self-cleansing that offers your eyes a model new perspective and a clearer view of life.

Another motive is perhaps that you’re an actor who must cry on cue because of the actual scene demands.

Perhaps you’re a model who wants tear stains in your cheek to have that one perfect photograph with the pure human emotion of sadness. You may also have your personal private causes for pretend or actual tears that don’t normally come to thoughts in any respect.

How to make yourself cry?

Actors aren’t the one individuals who have to know methods to spark some tears and open the floodgates. Everyone should know simple methods to pretend to tears to their eyes because it can be an extremely helpful ability for certain conditions.

It’s actually not one thing too troublesome to grasp, and it’s simpler for a few of us than others. If you’re extra in contact along with your emotions, for instance, it could be simpler. Nevertheless, you possibly can be taught simple methods to make yourself cry with the following tips.

1. Think concerning the saddest time of your life: This might be the saddest and most troublesome solution to make yourself cry for the straight forward undeniable fact that no one needs to assume again to an extremely unhappy day that made them cry a lot. Nobody needs to relive that.

However, whenever you do, these feelings come to the forefront, and also you’ll be capable of crying a lot simpler – and those tears will appear probably the most actual. So if it’s tolerable sufficient, and it’s essential to cry THAT BADLY, fascinated with an extremely difficult time will assist.

2. Avert your eyes from somebody typically: While you’re “crying,” you’ll want to keep looking away from the person. Nobody cries and appears somebody immediately within the eyes. Most people protect their faces so the opposite person can’t see.

That being mentioned, in case you can muster up even slightly pretend tears, wanting away from the individual will make them imagine there are actually extra tears beneath your shielding palms.

3. Don’t blink for a very long time: Obviously, in case you maintain your eyes open for a very long time, they’ll begin to water lots. Your eyes want lubrication, and if they really feel tremendous dried out, they’ll begin to overproduce tears with a view to keep them good and shiny.

This isn’t the easiest way of making yourself cry; nevertheless, as a result of you must have plenty of time with a view to getting the tears essential to make it seem it appear like you’re actually crying. Plus, you’ll look a tad bit unusual, holding your eyes open for so long.

4.”Wipe away” tears:
This is one other nice method for making yourself cry that can be extra convincing. You don’t simply let your tears fall whenever you’re crying, right? Right. So wipe away the tears even when there isn’t something to wipe away.

As long as you may get your eyes a little extra watery than regular, pretending to wipe away your tears will clarify the absence of them running down your cheek. Doing this may also help make your eyes slightly extra red – similar to whenever you’re actually crying.

5. Sniffle: When you’re studying how to make yourself cry, you must keep in mind this. When your tears run, your nostril runs.

Everyone is aware of this, and if you’re crying without sniffling, it’ll seem to be something off. So do your best to sniffle every so often with a view to actually promote these tears.

My recommendation is to not do that too typically, nevertheless. Unless you may get some severe tears flowing, the extreme sniffling can be an indication that you are probably not crying. Keep it light and never very loud as long because it’s audible, and it’ll work.

6. Practice typically: The artwork of constructing yourself cry wants plenty of observing. Seasoned actors can most likely cry on the drop of a hat, and that’s because they’ve spent a lot of time doing it. So simply observe this in your free time.

This complete function, I’ve been working towards myself – seeing what I do and what works the very best. It’s actually helpful to have the ability to make yourself cry with the least quantity of effort, as a result of actual tears fall naturally and without you attempting at all.

7. Onions: If it’s essential to make yourself cry, and also you’re ready to take action throughout a certain confrontation along with your significant other within the different room, go forward and chop some red onions. Any onions will do, however, the red onions are probably the most highly effective and produce probably the most tears. [ For the more detailed post please refer: Why does chopping of onion make you cry ]

Just ensure that to cover the proof, so people don’t suspect you of fake crying when your eyes are all watery from chopping up some onions. This is a sneaky tip for methods to make yourself cry.

8. Pretend you’re making an attempt NOT to cry: I don’t assume most people are okay with crying in front of people – particularly not people they must see day-after-day. It’s an indication of vulnerability, and it makes you seem like you possibly can’t preserve your feelings in the test.

People strive NOT to cry when they’re really crying. How do they do that? By steadying their breathing and by wanting up with a view to stopping the tear move. Doing each of these will assist it to appear as if you’re making an attempt your hardest to not cry – which may also clarify the shortage of tons of tears.

9. Open your throat:
You know whenever you yawn and your eyes by some means appear to get all watery and teary? That’s really associated with a muscle in your throat. If you possibly can preserve your mouth closed and open your throat, such as you do whenever you yawn, tears will form.

It takes a short time to get the movement down, and however, when you’re ready to do that, it’s SUCH a useful gizmo for making yourself cry when it’s essential to. Practice this lots, and it’ll turn out to be second nature at times.

10. Be conscious of your physique/feelings whenever you’re actually crying: The next time you end up really crying, attempt to pinpoint the way it began, what your face appears like, and the way your entire physique feels.

Then, when you must make yourself cry, attempt to put all of these things into play. Screw up your face the identical way, wrap yourself in your arms if that’s what you do when you really cry, and attempt to look as very like you do whenever you cry for actual as you possibly can.


Making yourself cry isn’t one thing everybody can do easily. It takes time, and the precise method to make it appear – Real Looking. But with the following pointers, you’ll learn to make your self cry. Oh yeah! One more thing – Don’t forget to try.


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