How to Give a Hickey, Bite like a Pro

Have you ever got a Hickey from your partner, or are you planning for giving a hickey to your partner, then you are in the right place. Here in this blog, I will explain to you the best way and place to give a dark and appealing hickey. And it also makes your foreplay more enjoyable and amazing. So read the complete post for Best Guide to give a Perfect Hickey.

Why Do Lovers Give A Hickey?

Hickeys are normally an indication of the passion and also a method of marking ownership or a loved one. It may simply be a passionate way to remind one’s love for another. Remember that hickeys are sexual marks, and sometimes people will assume that you simply had extra passionate time last night. It’s always a better idea to give your partner a hickey on parts that are not very visible easily. It will help you avoid unwanted attention in your love life. Hickeys aren’t bad but, they’ll attract unnecessary attention at college, work, or family gatherings. If you can’t explain it and it embarrasses you ask your partner to leave it at a more intimate and inconspicuous spot. 


Is giving and receiving Hickey Safe?

Probably you aren’t going to do something that causes you a problem later. So, it’s better to know the side effects of Hickeys before you will learn tips on how to give it. It doesn’t have any side effects or at least not a harmful side effect other than its leave a mark on your skin for a few days.

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There are many rumors that love bite can give you cancer, STD, or even AIDS, whereas there isn’t any case ever been recorded of those diseases that occurred because of a love bite. It is not possible to have any of those diseases through Hickey. It could be not wrong if I say that a love bite is safer than a French kiss because mouth to mouth kiss can leave STD if you have a related injury wherein Hickey you simply suck the skin or bite the first layer of skin which doesn’t even cause bleeding.

8 Steps to Give a Perfect Hickey

Step 1. Understand The Science Behind Hickey

A hickey is when your partner sucks the blood from the surface of the skin, and the blood capillaries have been ruptured. Some folks get hickeys really easily, depending on the spot and the pigment of their skin. As someone who is ghostly pale, then it is super easy to give a dark and visible mark.

Step 2. Build Attention by Foreplay

You aren’t going to start out giving Hickey without building attention. First, keep at some gentle play like kissing, French kissing and massage, and so on., whatever your partner likes most. This helps you both to prepare for it, and you will understand if your partner is willing to get a love bite or not.

Foreplay is often is known for sex, but the goal of foreplay is to construct attention. You have to make consideration before you start giving a Hickey to your partner. You can start by generally kissing and massage your partner, and so on. This will assist in building attention and making love bite extra pleasurable.

Note: If you try giving your woman or man a bug bite without much arousal, you might be spoiling the mood.

Step 3. Decide On The Best Location

When it involves hickeys, most individuals consider the neck, and sure, that’s an incredible spot! It’s not only nice because it’s sensitive enough to make giving the Hickey easy. Nevertheless, it’s additionally a spot the place everybody can see it! You know, if that’s your intention. Another good spot is in your breasts, particularly near the nipple. The soft and sensitive skin, but a major erogenous zone, so the sucking will feel pretty awesome.

Step 4. Take Permission from your Partner

This is your call. But if you start with perfect foreplay then surely your partner will agree to this. Although I believe that if you’re going to mark someone else’s body with one thing like a hickey, they need to have a say in it, typically partners are into the element of surprise. Either way, it’s something you want to discuss. For example, you can ask her a question like, “If I gave you a surprise hickey someday, would you be OK with that?”

Step 5. Place Your Lips On Your Decided-Upon Location

First, begin with some kisses within the space that you’ve targeted. Some playful bites are additionally enjoyable, as you sort of nip at the spot in preparation for your big hickey-giving move.

Step 6. Make An “O” Shape With Your Lips

When you assume you’re prepared to start the actual process, make a kind of pucker with your lips. And it should be a bit more open than if you were sucking on a straw. You need to make an “O” shape with your lips, however not so much so that it seems like your partner took a vacuum cleaner to their neck.

Step 7. Suck Like You will not get another chance

Now start your process, Suck like there is no tomorrow, depending on the color of your partner’s skin, your interest and the spot on their body, you would possibly only need to suck for a couple of seconds. Then check whether you gave a mark or not and don’t see many ruptured capillaries, then go just a little longer. On common, it can take anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds to give a correct, noticeable hickey.

Step 8. Not Satisfied? Go For Second Round

It will take some minutes for your Hickey to appear. If after a couple of minutes, you’re bummed and really feel like you need to make it darker, then go for one more round and this time suck a bit longer… like, for a couple of minutes or so. When you’ve found that the Hickey looks the same, you were hoping for, Mission Accomplished. Suggest your lover wear a scarf to work for the next few days. Depending on how darkish it is, hickeys can last up to 12 days.

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Places and Design to Give Perfect Hickey

Planning to make some designs on your partner’s body? Here I am posting some images so that you can get some ideas and patterns that will help you to give a perfect Hickey on your partner’s body.

5 Best Places To Give Hickey To Woman

Neck: This is, without doubt, one of the most common areas of the body women wish to obtain hickeys on. Slightly under the ears, you may choose to give hickeys. However, make sure that if she is comfortable with the hickeys being visible, as a result of she would not be very happy wearing high-neck everywhere.

Inner Thighs: This is another erogenous zone that’s quite underrated. Usually, males focus on the vagina only and forget the super attractive body part, the inner thighs.

Hips: Give hickeys on the hip while you were going down on her to explore how she likes it. Bite her if you want and gently leave a mark on her hips.

Breasts: If done right, this will turn on women like nothing else. Men like the soft and sensitive area of boobs and even like to play with it. And it is the right place to leave a Love Mark.

Stomach (Naval Area): Some ladies actually prefer it across the naval area. They love the stimulation on their stomach. So this may be another erogenous zone to explore!

Above everything, you may simply ask your partner the place they wish to be given hickey, and that approach you will do more justice to the sex act. You should know that a hickey is not normally a serious health issue. In fact, they rarely cause any discomfort. However, the one drawback they might trigger is that if they last more than a week. If you ever discover love bites in your body for over a week without a signal of even fading away, they might pose some critical health issues. You may need to instantly meet a doctor.

Spots where men like to get a Hickey

Hiding your hickeys could be a process; however, giving them to your man in the proper place is an equally skillful process. Want to hit the most delicate spots in your man’s body? Read more to find out the locations males like to receive hickeys.

Neck: Hickeys are supposed to be marks of passion for being left by you on your partner. They may be given anywhere on the body except for the areas with bone. Opt for parts of the body that hold flesh. The neck is known to be one of the most delicate areas for both men and women. And this is the right place to start.

Chest: Tease him a bit by rolling you’re on the skin around his nipple. Plant light kisses, and finally, give him a hickey. Not only is that this an especially delicate space but additionally one of many easiest spots to turn him on. The hickey seems faster on the chest than some other space as a result of it’s simpler to break the blood vessels in the flesh parts of the body.

Around The Navel: Most males would love receiving hickeys here. However, for those who’re not sure, you possibly can ask them if they’re comfy and then go ahead with the activity.

Inner Thighs: Like the neck, the internal thighs too maintain lots of nerve sensitivity. Hence, it turns into some of the sure-shot positions for males to obtain hickeys and experience pleasure.


I guess you didn’t know there’s so much knowledge into giving and receiving hickeys. Just while you thought you knew all the things about sex. There’s all the time, one thing new to learn. Hickeys are an enjoyable and sexy way to bond together with your partner. The uncooked desire lurking inside makes you wish to claim your prize and mark that person as yours. It’s a primal thing. Sexy and raw. Don’t be ashamed of having such desires. Gently ask your partner if they want to be adventurous and have hickeys all over their bodies. Then you can follow our guide. 

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