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High School Stereotypes: 9 Types You’ll Meet into in School

Movies are known for there stories and all of the above for there typical character depictions which may be imaginary or realistic, but somehow they have an ounce of truth just like high school stereotypes.

You thought these stereotypes were just in the movies? Give it a thought. Stereotypes do exist, and they are very eminent.

Now the question is who high school stereotypes guys are?

These people are Rich spoiled kids who are snobs. They are not exactly reflective of how people are, but these type of personalities do fly stronger in the awkward years of high school. And these people are known as High school stereotypes.

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Types Of Stereotypes (High School Stereotypes)

There are various kinds of High school Stereotypes. Below we described the different categories. Maybe you are one of them, let find out what high school stereotype are you or which stereotypes you will come across.

>1. The Mean Girl

Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith played the role of typical stereotype girl. She is a weak minded high school student who is attractive and popular among all boys and girls. She is a pretty, shallow girl who wears a lot of make-up every time but still has real reasons for everything she does. Karen does not take crap from anyone but sure loves to dish it out.

Karen is very hot, and every girl wants to put themselves in her shoe. She knows she is hot, which makes her different from all other girls in town.

Karen is one step ahead of everybody as the girl has discovered confidence in herself. Self-confidence is something that most of the people are not able to find out during there high school; thus, this is the reason she is a bitch.

Karen Smith always stands for her positive outlook on life, and she has a positive attitude towards her physical appearance that she believes her breasts can forecast the weather – and deep, somewhat troubling, love for her male cousin. Karen is a ray of shine in a faction whose actions are inherently evil.

>2.The Bro

Seann William Scott as Steve Stifler in American Pie played the role of Brooooo. Much like the grinningly offensive but still good-natured who is a loud-mouthed male and lives his life for late night parties.

Every high school has at least one person of his species. Assume him as the guy with two brain cells. You will always love to hate him, but as he throws a large house party, you’ll try to put up yourself with his stupid sayings until you are a graduate. He always waits for something exciting to happen so that he can show his real happiness for parties by screaming out so loud. A basket full of every flaw that he has, he also has a heart of real gold.

>3. The Nerd

Jason Schwartzman as Max Fischer in Rushmore, played the role of a nerd. Nerds are the people who are tilted more towards education; they study like no other. They’ll always interact with you by waving their hands to say hi to you in the halls, and you will always have an empty seat placed at their lunch table.

Max Fischer is the worst student with lousy grades in Rushmore Academy. His thoughts were preoccupied with things other than studies. He was gripped firmly with the idea of joining and starting school clubs: beekeeping, stamp, and coin collecting, wrestling, etc. Max, a nerd but still in a category of likable nerds who was having trouble with the feeling called love. Nerds are the one with a positive attitude who are
unthreatening, intelligent, trustworthy, and helpful friends.

>4.The Horny Virgin

Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fogell in Superbad played the role of a virgin girl who at the end of the movie loses that tag name. Fogell is a character who is usually reasonably smart but has a massive testosterone-induced black hole when it comes to sexual sense. She is a 17-year-old girl, trying to spill fake hip hop diction.

Fogell hits the peak of sexual frustration but is still miles away and even hesitates to approach someone she is interested in. McLovin’s is another character who is bad-at-sports, have no dressing sense, feels awkward-with-girls. He is rewarded for his comedy interpretation with great, first-time sex. In real high school? It just isn’t that easy.


>5. The Stoner

Rory Cochrane as Ron Slater in Dazed and Confused played the role of a stoner in high school who believes that smoking marijuana is the solution to every problem, and any activity can reach at the highest point of excitement if one is stoned.

He is a stoner who starts before school and ends with the end of the day. Though Ron may not seem the stereotypical type to the average non-highschooler as he is hardcore partiers but can be a bad influence sometimes.

Stoners are chill and want to enjoy life but never bring up a negative topic. They want everything to be good.

>6. The Outcasts

Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson as Enid and Rebecca in Ghost World played the role of two teenage outsiders who are best friends facing the summer after their high school graduation in an unnamed American city.

They never comply with the structure of society and even they don’t care. Also, they only want to sit at the best cafeteria table and wear the latest trendy clothes.

They are mostly concerned about the music of their interest, arts, politics, and what is happening all around them in the world. Characters played by Enid and Rebecca have much cooler personality than some of the other high school stereotypes.

>7. The Sexually Confused Student

Natasha Lyonne as Megan in But I’m a Cheerleader played the role of a high school cheerleader who is a lesbian. Her parents have sent her to a reparative therapy camp to cure her lesbianism, but despite taking the therapy, she profoundly falls in love with a girl.

Everybody was in so much confusion about Megan’s sexuality, but in the end, she finds her way out without caring about the social norms and rules. Sexual confusion and sexuality discovery is something many high school kids are dealing with, which come along with amid pressure from peers, parents, and expectations of the society.

I’m a Cheerleader is a challenging movie which deals with sexual orientations and considers high school gender as stereotypes.

>8. The Troublemaker

Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen in Back to the Future played the role of the imposing, violent and aggressive bully who procures what he wants by pressurizing others for doing his work, or by cheating. Rather than his high school studies, he always prefers to bully George McFly. He forces him to do his homework while he drinks and hangs out with his other friends.

He only has guts to bully George; otherwise, he is nothing without his gang members. He and his family members are the ones who always misuse idioms in a way that makes them appear stupid and pathetic.

In the story, he is a two time bully in two different generations of the McFly family, devitalizing George in high school and secondly picking on Marty when he travels back to the days of his parents’ adolescence.

He was like a cloud of depression that goes by the name of Biff. He is a shining light of sleazy bullies everywhere – a rude, arrogant, and violent boy who gets what he wants mostly by using the word “butthead”. If you have never been a victim of a bully, then there is a chance that either you were one or you’ve never been to high school.

>9. The Try-Too-Hard Teacher

Jack Black as Dewey Finn in School of Rock played the role of rock guitarist who is struggling and is kicked out of his band and subsequently misleads himself as a substitute teacher at an esteemed prep school.

He is a teacher communicating with his students at their level about essential topics, or pulling out a guitar from his cupboard when the class gets a bit boring. After noticing the talent of his class students in the field of music, Finn forms a music band of fifth-grade students to win the upcoming Battle of the Bands and for paying pay off his monthly rent.

Although we may also have formed a bond with our teachers, just like Dewey Finn’s students did, in real time but we can not count them up in typical stereotype category.

So these are the many stereotypes which exist. Now, whether you agree with high school stereotypes or not, they do exist for a purpose. While reading this, you seemingly imagined a couple of people that fit into these categories. Well, what’s high school assumed to be about anyways, if not for groups, drama and play?

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