Height Difference in Couples? Really !!

We live in a society where generally we observe that during arrange marriage parents never forget to consider the height difference between the girl and boys.

The very general norm in India that guy should be taller than the girl. Then only then they consider that the pair looks perfect together.

Hence it’s just imbibed subconsciously in our minds by our elders that only such pairs where a guy is taller than girl only those couples look good together. But is it really the fact?

Is it always necessary that guy should be taller? If a girl is taller than the guy won’t they look good together? Do you prefer your boyfriend to be taller than you? Or are you one of those who prefers your girlfriend to be shorter than you?

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So why does this happen that we instinctively choose a partner such that our boyfriends are taller than us or that our girlfriends shorter than us?

I am myself a short person having a taller boyfriend and the height difference between us is quite significant to those who see us. But neither of us has any issue with it.

But out of curiosity, I looked into the internet regarding this. And found out quite exciting views of people on how much the height of their partner matters to them.

From childhood, it is imbibed in our minds that girls are to be protected by their fathers, brothers. Maybe some other male members of our family.

We are even made to celebrate ‘Raksha Bandhan’ where sisters tie rakhi to their brothers. Also brothers, in turn, promise them to protect them always.

We are always taught that as a girl we need protection from our male counterparts.

> The scientific reason for this

Scientifically it is more related to evolution. It was always that men go out to earn bread and butter whereas women stayed back at home to take care of household chores and the family.

Since then it has always been like them for ages. So it’s a natural instinct for women to choose men taller than them.

taller boyfriend

As a person taller than you is considered to be strong and sturdy to protect you. Whereas the same is opposite considering men. They always feel that it’s their responsibility to take care of their female counterparts, to protect their family is their responsibility.

Therefore they tend to choose a partner who is physically weak than them. So that they can prove themselves to be stronger, and hence will give them a sense of superiority over females.


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> The general scenario for Height Difference between Men and Women

In research conducted by an online portal, they found out that it’s men for whom height doesn’t matter whereas females are more concerned over the height of their partner.

For most of the men, height is really not really an issue and they like cute short chubby girls as much as tall model kind ones.

Whereas most women preferred tall, handsome, sturdy kind of men generally. Excluding the ones, who are too much into love with their partners they choose to ignore height difference no matter how great the difference is.

According to a few comments that I read over the internet most men said that they are okay with any height as far as the girl is hot! Whereas girls had a preference for taller guys.


Well, there is a group of few tall girls who have to like towards short men as that made them feel a sense of superiority over most of the people.

> Situation nowadays

Nowadays although still most of them follow traditional values. Most of them have changed their perspective over this. The main reason for this is to change the attitude of people towards the thought of male and female equality.

With a growing number of people making use of social media, tinder, Facebook kind of apps people tends to choose their dates with similar kind of interests, similar ideologies, matching tastes.

What begins with casual chatting, the meeting happens only when they feel they are compatible enough, without even seeing each other.

Nowadays for most of them, height doesn’t really matters, as far as they feel safe enough together.

> Height Difference Couples – How much should it matter?

Height is just an external feature of a person; It’s the personality of the person is what makes a person special or different. Of course, sometimes external features do matter as we have to live with it. But should definitely not be a reason to stay away from a person.

It may happen so that just because of one reason you may end up losing a perfect person who could have made to happier the whole life.
In the end, it’s always you who should make a choice; if you feel that height is the one aspect that definitely matters, you can choose someone accordingly.

If you think that you are extremely comfortable with someone without considering their height. Then you are ready to choose one such person, it’s always gonna be your choice.

No one is going to judge you based on your choice or how you feel or think about someone.

In the end, it’s always about how much we love someone based on what they are from internally, though height attracts you to someone. In the end, it’s always the heart of the person for what we fall.

Regardless of whether society thinks, you can choose someone whom you feel that you are with, taller or shorter why to bother.

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