If you want some gift ideas to make, your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, family or your special ones smile then YES you are in the right place.

As we all know that during special occasions, we decide we need to gift for our loved ones. We get excited about some particular event for them as well. But then if we get into the most significant dilemma of what to gift!

For the first few times, we gift similar kind of items. But as we grow closer to someone, we start thinking of what to give them so that our gift stands out as a special.
Here are a few gift ideas based on which you can choose what gifts can be given to your loved ones.

> Gift Ideas Based on Budget

Okay.. this is the first point you need to take into consideration before choosing any gift.

Maybe you can choose a single large gift or many small gifts to surprise your loved ones. But before that, you need to know how much money you are exactly going to spend on that gift. So that based on the budget you chose, you can think of various options within that range. By doing this you can draw most of the value out of the money that you are going to spend to buy a special gift.

> Based on Age

This is an important factor to consider when you are about to choose a gift.
Suppose the person you are gifting is just a kid then you can think of giving something ranging from toys, drawing materials, chocolates, etc.

Now suppose you want to gift to an adult you can choose from things that can be useful for an adult.

So depending on what they may like for their age groups like mothers get happy whenever they get beautiful saris.

Teenagers or people in their 20’s are more into looks hence you can choose to gift them from a wide range of accessories. They are specially designed for youth considering latest fashion trends around. Accordingly, you should choose gifts based on which age group they belong to.

> Gift Ideas Based on Gender

Needless to say, you should obviously consider if you are gonna gift to a male friend or a female friend.

Of Course, considering this we have very limited options of what to gift for your male counterpart rather than female. As for them, there are a variety of options ranging from makeup, items of clothing and other kinds of stuff.

Most of the time for men typically we think of watches, ties, belts, wallets, etc. But there are quite a lot of things we can gift them not beautiful or cute ones but techie kind of things.

Besides nowadays, men too have different types of accessories depending on a traditional or modern look. Hence make sure to keep looking for the current trend in the market for accessories for both men and women.

So that you can choose accordingly what to gift and hence make it a special one.

> Based on Relationship

You should take into consideration who you are gifting to choose exactly what to be given depending on whether it is your friend, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, relatives, etc. Also, you can choose accordingly what gift you can give them.

You can choose something personalized gifts for people really close to you with their favorite snaps or maybe pics with you guys together.

Depending on how close relationship you have with that person you can choose gifts related to the closeness you share with that person based on the time you spent with them and how well you know them inside out.

gift ideas to make someone  smile

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> Based on Interests

Whomever you are gonna gift you need to consider what interests them. It will help you a lot to choose what kind of gift you can give them.

Depending on how long you’ve known the person or how expressive the person is you.

It will definitely have some idea regarding what interests them the most. You may notice that some girls have a love for shoes, bags, accessories, etc. Similarly, guys may have interest in some sports or tech related accessories.

For a book lover, you can gift books. For one who loves to bake cakes or make chocolates, you can gift some accessories for making those. Someone who loves painting you can give something related to that.

For someone who loves particular movies or series, you can gift merchandise gifts related to those series.
This one is the most important thing to consider before gifting something to someone where you can show them that you pay attention to what they love and hence you make them feel special.

> Gift Ideas Based on Occasions

Being Indians all of us know we celebrate various occasions, the most traditional thing that my parents do is gift a sari and shirt along with pant piece for most of the family functions.
But we youngsters nowadays feel that we can gift something based on the occasion. Consider a house warming ceremony you can gift something with which you can beautify their new home.

For a baby shower, something related to babies or to be parents as a baby diary kind of things. During marriages give something that will of some use for that newlyweds, for anniversaries you can gift couple gifts.

Just consider the occasion you are about to attend and later choose a gift which you think will be suitable considering the particular time

> Based on your Time

Firstly, by this first, I would like to suggest that if you truly wanna make someone feel very special make sure to spend some “TIME” with them. Be it their birthday, some function, some celebration.

If you can be with them during their happy time, make sure that you try to be present with them, surely that will make them feel extra special that you took your time out to be with them.

Now Secondly, most of us know that now DIY is kind of trending. It says “Do It Yourself” by which what I mean to say is that you can make something on your own so as to gift it to someone.
Depending on what time you have if you get a chance to make something yourself for the gift. I would suggest you make one definitely.

The person who will receive will be so happy to receive a handmade gift. Trust me they will definitely love the fact that you took your time and efforts for them. I can surely tell that they will definitely love it.

Now the last point is really subjective to individual preferences, and it’s more like the suggestion that if you can do it, then surely do it. If you can’t then also it won’t make much difference.

If you truly share a special bond with them, whatever you are gonna gift will still be a gift.

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At the end considering some such points as mentioned here you can choose a gift for your loved one. Taking into consideration of what they may love you can have a lot more gift ideas in your mind.

Surely they will love whatever you will choose after going through so much of research to choose a special gift.
No matter small or large one in terms of size or monetary value, it will help the growth of special bond that you guys share with each other. A gift is just a token of love and appreciation that we want to express.

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