Drinking Games for Couples – 9 Sexy and Fun Couple Love Games

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Drinking Games for Couples: We’ve put together some fun drinking games for couples. However, we’re going to separate our list into different game types to fit different personalities. The reason we’re doing this is that some couples may not want to be so daring with the information you give your partner. 

Sometimes, drinking games for couples should just be fun and lighthearted. Other times, they can be more daring or sexy. We want to make sure we give you some games that won’t put anyone, or a relationship, in an awkward position.

Most drinking games revolve around dares and telling secrets and techniques about your self. This provides a chance to inform your partner one thing new about yourself. Obviously, this will work both ways. Some of the naughty drinking games, together with your partner, which can be listed, will certainly go into the dares and secrets class. So talk about these games together with your partner earlier than you play. 

You don’t wish to put your partner and even yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Before you start the naughty games, you need to know each thing precisely what you’re entering into.

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What are fun drinking games for couples?

Couple Quiz Fun, True Or False Storytime, Straight Face, Drunken Artists, Higher Or Lower/Red And Black, Going to the Bar are the best drinking games for couples.

Any of those games might be adjusted to your personalities. If the games contain stripping and one or each of you aren’t comfy with that then you need to omit that part. Also, some of the games will ask you to take pictures. These games can all the time be adjusted to the place you simply take “a drink” of something instead of a shot or slamming a beer.

As talked about earlier, simply be sure to set the foundations beforehand. And most significantly, be sure to drink responsibly! Don’t overdo it and know when to cease!

Below are the best drinking games for couples:

Couple Quiz Fun 

This is one in every of my favourite consuming games for partners. It includes some drinkings, information about each other, with a little bit of romance thrown in. Write some easy questions associated with your relationship on a small piece of paper. Here are just a few good romantic concepts that you should use for questions:

What is your partner’s date of birth?

What was the first present your partner gave you?

Where did you’ve got your first date together?

What is your partner’s favourite colour?

What is your partner’s favourite flower?

Fold these items of paper and place them in a bowl. Take turns and randomly choose a question from the bowl, state a consequence, and reply to it. If you might be proper, your partner has to take care of the consequence you said, if you’re wrong, you must do it. Also, if somebody is fallacious, they need to additionally take a drink. Consequences might be easy or troublesome, however they need to be romantic in nature: kiss, massage, recite a poem, take off a piece of clothes, and so on.[ Fun games you can play with your boyfriend ]

True Or False Storytime

If you’re accustomed to Box of Lies, then you probably perceive how this sport works. You and your partner write down various nouns on items of paper. When it’s your flip, you inform a narrative that includes that noun. You both inform a real story or a pretend one. Your partner has to guess if it’s true or not. If they’re right, then you’re taking a shot. But in the event that they’re incorrect, then they take a shot.

Straight Face

Straight Face is one of the best drinking games for couples. It is performed by writing totally different sentences on pieces of paper. You and your partner write every one thing hilarious or extraordinarily outrageous on the paper. Whoever picks it out from the bunch must learn it out loud. The objective is to maintain a straight face. If both of you react in any approach, be it fun, a yelp, or a groan, the particular person should take a shot.

 Drunken Artists

Drunken Artists is performed utilizing something that may be drawn on and something to attract with. Use a whiteboard, a chunk of paper, your partner’s physique. Whatever it’s, make sure that your partner sees it clearly.

The game usually begins with you and your partner guessing no matter it’s the different drawing. The artist draws something as shortly as potential. Why? Because the artist has to take a shot every twenty seconds until the opposite particular person guesses the drawing accurately.

Of course, your partner could attempt to cheat and play dumb so that you drink greater than they do. When that occurs, you each take a shot after the drawing is completed, and you’re taking your revenge on the subsequent flip.

Higher Or Lower/Red And Black

This sport is extraordinarily enjoyable and actually standard to play at events. Now we’ll make it into among the finest drinking games for couples. If you wish to play together with your significant other and turn up the warmth slightly bit, this modified model is ideal for you. What you want is a deck of playing cards and a few alcohols. Firstly, you guess if the card shall be red or black. If you get that proper, you may transfer on to the following card and guess whether it is larger or decrease than the earlier card. If you get this proper, proceed to alternate. Now, if you happen to guess the colour wrong, you must take a shot. If you guess higher or lower incorrectly, you must take off clothes.

drinking games for couples - fun sexy games for couples

Going to the Bar

This is a drinking version of the favored sport, “I’m Going on a Picnic.” The sport begins while you or your partner utters the phrase, “I’m going to the bar to get…” Let’s say they choose “a shot of tequila.” The different individual follows with the identical line, however, they’re going so as to add one other drink to the checklist. For instance, “I’m going to the bar to get a shot of tequila and a gin and tonic.”

This goes on and on till somebody makes a mistake or repeats a drink. By the time you get to the tenth drink, you’ll most likely be too drunk to proceed.

Spin The Bottle – With A Twist

The guidelines for this game are a little different than the game. Instead of spinning the bottle to land on people, you spin it to land on totally different items similar to whip cream, chocolate sauce, or no matter the creative and horny factor you’ll be able to come up with. Your partner may even be included! If you land in your partner they get to decide on what you do to them however if you happen to land on an item, you get to apply it to them – nonetheless, you need.

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is one of the best sexy and fun drinking games for couples. Get a bunch of shot glasses and fill all of them with water apart from one. Pour whichever alcohol you’re drinking in that final glass. Then shuffle up the glasses till neither of you is aware of which one has the alcohol. Keep taking pictures one after the opposite; whoever will get the alcohol shot, has to carry out a dare! As the game keeps going, enhance the variety of glasses with alcohol! If you wish to use one other liquor as a substitute of vodka, then use dark shot glasses, or the shot must be taken along with your eyes closed.

Speed Facts

Speed facts is a competition is to get to know how much know about your partner. This sport requires nothing besides an opponent and liquor, after all.

The fundamental thought is a backward and forwards change between the 2 partners stating facts they learn about one another. Each time a participant will get a fact wrong or takes greater than 3 seconds to give you one, he/she loses that round. The opponent should take a shot for every Three rounds misplaced. If you are feeling three rounds is just too little or an excessive amount of, be happy to regulate the number to your liking.

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Please do let me know which drinking couples games you like the most and why in the comment section below. Happy to help you! 🙂


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