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Crazy things to do with friends, Fun with friends, Love Life you live

Life is something that should be enjoyed, not just endured.

Everybody is so busy watching out for the things that are ahead of them and skips the thought of being alive. It gets harder for us to do crazy things in life as we get older.

There is nothing worse than the weekend days, which are full of laziness and loneliness after a long work week and as adults, it feels like every day has a similar routine involving some common variables like office, work, home, same people. So instead of following the same routine, this weekend, don’t try to spend money and time in bars and mall but consider doing something completely out of character.

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Crazy things to do with Friends!

There are a lot of crazy things to do with friends, depending on how adventurous you want to be your time. Do something but let it produce joy and smile in life. You are only young once so make it worth watching, and now is the time.
This weekend, do something that will create memories and thirty years from now, you will be asking, “can you believe we did that?”

>1. Go for skydiving

When it comes to extreme adventure sports skydiving is right up there but for only the hardcore enthusiasts. Skydiving is parachuting from a certain height just for fun and requires little training.

There is a phrase “If you haven’t done skydiving, you haven’t been living. “Skydiving is something that makes you feel like a bird flying so high by spreading its wings without the fear of being lost, and this takes a lot of courage. What can be better than enjoying with your friend in the deep sky? Find a reputable company and get jumping.

>2. Go for bungee cord jumping

This is one of the most out-there ideas when anyone thinks of the craziest things to do with their friends. Better than the usual roller coaster rides, depending on what are you jumping off, it could be the ride of your life, something worth remembering.

Bungee jumping involves a long elastic cord attached to the person jumping from a tall structure which is usually a fixed object, such as a building or bridge but it is also possible that one can jump from a movable object, such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter, which can suspend the cord in the air.

The thrilling part of the adventure is the free-fall and the rebound in which the attached cord continues to swing up and down until all the kinetic energy dissipates. Bouncing alongside while screaming at the top of your lungs can be worth watching with friends, it can become the ride of your life.

>3.Hunt down your crush

Having a crush during your school time or in college is always the best part. One always has a crush on a girl or guy for a while, but only a few have guts to reveal it. Now is the time to do something out of the box.

Make a plan with friends to seek your crush out and win them over. Either win the love of your life or die thinking- “I should have tried.” Stalk them on social media and find out what they are doing currently in life. Break the walls and just go for it. Friends always make an atmosphere where one can have more guts to do things rather than the times when he or she is all alone.

>4. Karaoke in a bar that doesn’t have a room with karaoke

Singing songs in public? Not everybody has that talent, but after one glass of liquor, the singer running in your veins comes out like a hierarchy(singers from generations). This piece of thing gives happiness and even works as a stress reliever.

You can also bring your karaoke and can rent out a place in the bar to enjoy your day. “On the go karaoke” is easy to find and you won’t need a huge machine to operate. The best part is that if the bar owner is okay with your stuff, you would not have to wait for your song to be chosen.

>5. Pull a prank on one in the group

Blueprint an excellent prank idea to play on someone in your group. Make sure that one you are picking is not a cold-hearted person who can get offended or pissed off by your moves. Pranks are always good to be played on friends but should never become the reason for someone to get hurt.

Always keep things more specific and sorted and never forget to bring your cell phone along as It will be something you will want to get filmed and worth watching as memories.

>6. Go camping without a camper

Camping and friends are two things that absolutely make out the best combination for creating happiness out of this busy life. Do you even want to give a second thought to this situation? Stop thinking Grab a case, cans of beer, a tent, and some sleeping bags, and head out for camping in some remote place. Get away from the everyday life stuff and make your life happening.

There is always something so much liberating about sleeping out under the stars and sharing a campfire. For country livers, this may not sound worth doing, But to those who grew up in the city crowd surrounded by vehicles, people, pollution, it will always be mind soothing and crazy notion for them.

>7. Play hooky from your work and hang out in your pajamas drinking beer all day

Playing hooky is not that much crazy thing to do, but it is one of the best things to do with your friends. The corporate world deals with so much professionality that one can never have a usual talk openly. So playing around in pajamas with your people, knowing that you have responsibilities, but still, you just don’t care is something amazing.

For one day, leave your daily stuff behind and do nothing but just hang out wearing your pajamas with your friends just like the way you did when you were a kid, taking the day off from school and spend the best moments of your life.

>8. See the seven wonders in one week

Seven Wonders? Weekend plans are just so regular stuff to do with friends but covering a world trip in just a week sounds to be something exciting and worth doing.

Covering all the seven wonders in a week is a difficult thing, but making it work in committed time with committed people is like a crazy thing to do. It may take up a few more days then a week, but again if you don’t do it now, these will continue to be wonders to you for a lifetime.

>9. Throw a dart and take a trip

Pre Decided trips are the one easy to execute but are still exciting but give a thought to trips with no decided place but bags are already packed with the people to carry them. Put up a big map of either the country you want to visit or the world map. Grab a dart, and throw it in the printed sheet of the plan and finally, the place of the trip is decided for the weekend. This scenario creates more excitement.

>10. Make a scavenger hunt around town

You meet people every day, many time have had thought about several sets of relevant or irrelevant questions in your mind but never had the guts to ask weird questions to them. Do you want to ask them all? Get up and Make a list of things that you ever wanted to find or ask other people. You can make the list as crazy as you want it to me.

Head out with the piece of paper and at the end of the night, meet in groups to discuss what you have scrounged up, and swap your crazy stories about the whole thing with different people. Make them feel the path you went through to get what you got that night.

>11. Head out without the cell phone

The Cell phone is an invention that has mobilized the life of human but has made everyone so much dependent on every single thing. Of all the things to do with friends, you might never have thought of removing cellphones from one day of your life. Being crazy is heading out into the whole world without a cell phone but with your friends.

There is no way that one can plan or communicate with the outside world. No meetings, no call handlings, no file reports. So, you can only communicate with the world around you, the people around you. Crazy? But true!this will surely bring a huge smile on your face because the communication will be real no misunderstandings.

Creating a list of Exciting things to do with friends is essential, especially post-college. Create memories with the people who have worth in your life before your life gets too crazy for stuffing a dozen marshmallows into your mouth at the same time.

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