Annoying Boyfriend: Annoying Things Boyfriends Do !!

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Annoying Things Boyfriends Do Which They Need To Stop…

Everyone likes to be in a relationship, and being in a relationship is lovely and complicated at the same time. You love your boyfriend, and you don’t want to break up with him. But no matter how much you like him, he’ll do plenty of annoying things. And he never stops his annoying habits. It can be anything from him throwing a wet towel on the bed to just picking random fights out of nowhere.

Here are 12 Annoying things all boyfriends need to stop doing:

>1 Never actually listen to you

I am pretty much sure all guys do this. They just pretend to listen to you while never actually paying attention to what you are saying. If you ask them to repeat what you said, they will plainly ask you to speak again.

They will be either busy with their thoughts or within their phones. Most of the times they purposely don’t listen to us, thinking we say useless things most of the times. This habit of boyfriends irritates us a lot.

Never actually listen to you

>2. Forgets things

Well, this point is directly proportional to the first one. Since he never actually pays attention to what you say, but he doesn’t know what you said in the first place. Remembering things or plans come after that.

They forget your ideas or a colleague you mentioned about a dress that you liked, your favorite dessert, etc. The list goes on and on…

Annoying Boyfriend

>3. Walking quickly leaving you behind

Guys tend to forget that they are walking with their girlfriend I guess. Guys are always in a hurry to reach their destination. Meanwhile, they forget that their girlfriends have tagged along with them.

What’s even more irritating is they come back and say ‘you walk slow, walk faster.’ Guys have no clue of walking together romantically hand in hand; or walk together slowly; keeping girlfriend towards the inner side of the road to prevent accidents; walking with a hand over your girlfriend’s shoulder.

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Please, guys, try being a little considerate to us girls if not romantic at least and walk alongside us.

>4. Comparing you with mom

Do you notice your guy saying ‘Oh, my mom does this better than you’. If he does this quite frequently and for almost all things, then it gets irritating. Okay, we understand she is your mom, but we are your girlfriend.

There is a whole generation gap existing between us. Comparing all things done by us with your mom doesn’t feel right. We girls, too put our share of efforts to make you guys happy. When you say my mum does this good irritates us that you are not noticing our efforts and instead of comparing it with your mom.

>5. Replying in single word message to your long multiple texts

Remember the times you fight with your boyfriend, or maybe trying to reconcile. You try expressing all your feelings in a text without missing a smallest of points. But all that you get in reply is, ‘ok’, ‘hmm’, ‘won’t repeat it again’, ‘will think over it’. Seriously? After all, that long message that’s what we send you don’t you feel like you should also explain yourself or maybe say something in a little bit of detail to clarify all that mess out? It feels irritating to get a single word or short replies to those long messages that we write by pouring all our feelings.

>6. They do things purposely to irritate you

When you say you hate something, your boyfriend will do it intentionally to annoy you. Guys really?? Why? We hate something because there is some reason for it. Using it to get us angry whenever you feel like teasing us truly irritates a lot.

Once or twice is okay but even after repeating the same thing over and over again, doing that stuff that we don’t like, it gets very irritating.

>7. Bringing up random talks to avoid serious talks

This is the most irritating thing that boyfriends do. Having a serious conversation with your boyfriend is kind of impossible task to do.

When you are discussing something regarding the future and your boyfriend is not sure about how to deal with it; this is the time when he will bring up something silly to avoid those important talks.

Guys, please be clear about what you feel, if not sure say so. Avoiding to talk about something isn’t going to help, we have just to keep wondering what you think about it, this uncertainty certainly gets us irritated a lot.

>8. Comparing you with an ex

Maybe you do have little feeling left out for your ex and need some time to get over them completely. But please stop comparing your present girlfriend over anything to your ex. It seriously irritates us a lot when you start comparing us with one of your exes.

She liked this, and she preferred that you should also try that, sorry dude not done. We can adjust a little bit of you praising your ex, but comparison over something not done. We expect you to get over your ex entirely as soon as possible.

>9. Blaming it on PMS for every small thing

The very first things boyfriends do is to blame your periods wherever you seem irritated over something. If you seem irritated over something first question boyfriends ask will always be ‘ Are you on your periods’ if not first suggestion he gives will still stop PMSing over every issue.

Guys this habit of yours of blaming everything over periods irritates us, girls, a lot. There are lots of problems because of which girls get irritated. Blaming periods every time clearly isn’t going to help. Instead, it will make us ladies even angrier at you. So please stop this each time.

pmsing,, Annoying Boyfriend

>10. Choosing video games to over your calls

You call your boyfriend, he ends it, you feel maybe he is busy. Later he calls back, and you ask the reason, he says ‘ I was playing PubG’. This will keeps on happening over and over again. Guys tend to give their game session more importance over your calls. Like seriously??? Common boys, there is always the next session of the game; you are not going to get the next version of your girlfriend.

This habit of choosing games over us seriously irritates us, girlfriends, a lot; because we are far more worth than those silly games.

play games

>11. Checking out other girls

Seriously, when you guys check out other girls in front of us, it irritates us a lot. Look she is so fair, look how fashionable she seems, how talented she is. We girls having that little jealous kind of nature, we cannot bear our guy praising any other girl at all. That one thing irritates all girlfriends, no matter how small the praise might be, we absolutely cannot bear it.

checking out Annoying Boyfriend

>12. Repeating mistakes

Every boyfriend does this all the time. They keep repeating their previous mistakes over and over again. Every time they come back saying sorry it won’t happen again, forgive me this once, I will never repeat it in future. But as usual, they don’t learn from their mistakes and keep on repeating them, which irritates us, girlfriends, a lot.

The list doesn’t end here, there are many more like, forgetting anniversaries, leaving the toilet seat up, leaving behind the dirty room, having no idea what to gift you, not complimenting when you get ready for them, trying to convince you to have sex lot of times when not in mood… Above ones are just a few among the whole lot of things that boyfriends do which irritates us, girlfriends.

Annoying Boyfriend forgets

Not sure why guys always do these irritating things, maybe because of their general attitude of taking everything lightly or carelessness kind of nature.

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But it’s not going to change the fact that no matter how much irritating habits boyfriends have, we love them a lot. Because at the end we know that despite all these habits their love for us is going to stay the same.

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