9 Important Relationship Stages that all couples go through

Relationships can be complicated and confusing and stressful at the same time. It needs a complete balance of give and take to sustain the hurdles and obstacles. There are some important relationship stages from which every couple has to pass.

Every relationship is different and unique has there own experience in itself. You can able to predict how it’s going to finish until you reach the end of the relationship cycle. Yes, you heard it right relationship cycle.

There are nine different stages from which each couple needs to go through as they are essential as well.

If they survive, then they will reach the scene, which is an unconditional love means both of you acquired an ultimate trust for each other with an excellent mutual understanding.

Many of the couples realize that after the first or second stage that they are not compatible with each other, and they both mutually decide to separate from each other. But the worst thing is some of the relationships fails in the last stage of the relationship cycle when you are almost near to the achieve the ultimate trust of your partner.

It may be hard for you in the middle, and you are tired of the things which are going at that time. But never give up to improve the passion and make joy to your relationship. Relationships are like babies.

They required regular nourishing, care, feeding, dressing, and a feeling of love, emotion.
Now you may be wondering what relationship stage you’re in right now?

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Here we explained all the nine important relationship stages that all couples go through, no matter how the love begins.

9 Meaningful Relationship Levels/Romantic Relationship Stages  that you need to know

1. Attraction and infatuation stage

2. The understanding stage

3. The struggle stage

4. Opinion and expectation stage

5. The give-and-take stage

6. The Happy stage

7. The Crisis stage

8. The Complete Trust Stage

9. The unconditional love stage

1. Attraction and infatuation stage

It’s a first relationship stage where every couple has to go through with someone who makes us feel like we are living the cloud at that time. And you liked that feeling in a way that you will never get enough of that feeling.

Trust me, the attraction is really a powerful thing which makes s us very happy and at the same time, it makes us irrationally.

For Example – If you need a bad guy who is not good. But then also you want him, you crave for him, you desire for them.

You want them so bad, and you are addicted to them and its a type of addiction which you never want to leave.

You addicted to the way how they make you feel. In this stage, you will feel different variants of happiness, but sometimes it may end fatally if you hasten instead taking it slowly.

2. The understanding stage

The understanding stage is a stage in which both of you know each other in a better way possible.

You have so long conversations, chit chats with your partner and you woke up late night to talk them because it makes you feel happy.

You people talk about your life, your families, exes, likes and dislikes and some of the secrets which you want to reveal them. That time your life seems to be so lovely and romantic.

3. The struggle stage

The is one of the important stages from the relationship stages. In this stage, infatuation becomes less intense, and you become conscious as things are not that energetic they used to be in the beginning.

This stage will take a minimum of five months to start.
In this particular stage, your mesh with an argument with your partner, and both of you admit each other characteristics and flows.

Now, In the first stage, we are not aware of all these things because infatuation is, which makes us blind because the feelings are very high at that time. In short, the third stage is all about the real struggle in a relationship.

In this stage, you will able to learn to admit all the faulty and wrong sites along with the good ones if you want to continue your relationship.

So many couples fail at this stage because they find it hard to allow their mind and heart that their partners are not that much perfect what they might think in the first, infatuation stage.

4. The opinion maker

Both of you will create choices about each other. As a couple of months passes both you will be able to know that what we can accept from each other. And after that, you can able to assume about your partner’s loyalty and commitments towards your relationship.

There are so many things which you don’t except but your partner does it only for you.

For example – you don’t accept your man to buy flowers for you but he does and you feel overjoyed. Now, this is called happiness. At the same times if you want him to pick you up from the store but he reaches an hour late because he forgot to pick you up. It makes you feel sad.


5. The Moulding stage

Your vision works excellent for you. In this stage, you are disturbed and annoyed with your partner’s habit, or you want to do something which can make your partner into an ideal and fitting one to whom you want to be with, and you want to change them.

As love is a mutual agreement between the partners. It’s not like one side, only giving, and another side is receiving. If you decide to change your partner, the chances are high that your relationship will come at the end point of the breakdown.

If you don’t want this to fall, then, you have to ready to compromise because compromising is the key to the hugely successful relationship. Its a give and take the stage where you will learn to adopt the new thing and situations in your life and accept which you cannot change.
Receive from your open mind and give with all of your heart. And don’t forget to be thankful for everything good your partner does for you.

6. The Happy stage

If the relationship already passed the give and take stage/moulding stage where both of you have to change equal for each other and know the partner’s expectations. Now in this stage, the relationship sails in the ship of happiness and joy. Both of you may be happy with each other.

Both of you feel like you were the perfect match which God made from the above itself. You dream about getting engaged or want to get married.

You both feel very connected to each other, and intense love and care feeling is there. This stage is also known as an attachment and loving stage.

>7. The crises Stage

In this stage, the doubts will be created in your relationship. This stage act as a filter for all of your doubts and trust, which is lacking somewhere in your relationship.

If you really want to be with your partner and be an ultimate couple which them you have to go through this stage. It will help you to strengthen your love relationship.

Your love may become fade, but don’t be dim or confuse. After every dark night, the sun shines. The thing is you have to go through a few challenges which makes you stronger and tougher.


>8. The Complete Trust Stage

In this stage, you need to think about your partner and spend time with them to make them feel good and feeling loved.

You need to know that things are not the same as of the beginning. You have to trust them with all of your heart. And you can think about your future with them, and there are much more chances of happening right things which you feel.

Its the stage of trust, you just have to enjoy the natural love taste of each other. Respect, Compromise, and complete trust are the keys to this stage.

>9. The Unconditional Love Stage

The last and final stage, known as unconditional Love stage in which everything that falls next to be a true miracle.

You have no longer questions in your mind related to your partner as now in this stage, and it becomes the second home where your love, feelings exists.

In this stage, you both know what is right and what is wrong in your relationship. Both of you are completely satisfied and happy with each other. Now you people in this stage can easily predict the behavior of your partner and their decisions.


The above 9 relationship stages are the path for a successful relationship which you really desired path.

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