I know that if you are here, then you want some of the best sexy questions to ask a guy to seduce him. Here we shared top 21 questions with you which makes him dirty in very less time.

If you want to ask the guy dirty and seductive questions then yes you are here at the right place. Stick till the end so that you can read all the messages and make him seduce in no time.

But talking dirty face to face can be somehow awakened for you. And maybe one of you have laughed out loud type laughter inside.

These texts are created from the proper modification and research in the society from a survey, and it will work great for you as well. After the conversations begin Within an hour, it will work for you.

Generally, if you want to seduce a guy in very less time, then you have to make them warm up. Get more information about personal from him and then start the conversation. These texts that will make him hard.

Don’t be like you are the only one who is asking him the dirty questions.

You can make his answers more and more naughty with each passing questions. From which it will be like he is the only one who is making all the moves, not you.

Be smart, and try to become dirtier after each passing questions.

Note: Text him when he is alone and when he is not busy so that he can completely involve in the conversations from the mind as well.

Make sure to follow the questions, and what we said above and trust us he will be in your bedroom before the night is over.

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Sexy Questions you can ask a girl if you really want to know what she likes in the bedroom.

Sexy Text Messages to actually start the conversations

Try to send him a normal text so that you can check whether he is available for the conversation or not.

Don’t be in a hurry. It will spoil everything.

When you are asking these questions to him its 90% chances that he may ask the same to you too after each question you ask.

Play cleverly and make him think that you are enjoying the text when you respond to him.

21 Sexy questions to ask a guy:

>1  What is naughtiness for you? Do you like to talk naughty?

>2 Do you check me out from front or back when I walk?

>3 Till now, has anyone seen you without clothes.

>4 What do you think that you are a good kisser?

>5 Can you send me the pic, so that I may know what are you wearing now?

>6 What type of outfit looks best on me

>7 Do you ever think about kiss any girl?

>8 What is the best part of the girl’s body you like?

>9 Did you imagine a pillow as a girl and kissed it?

>10 What are you thinking right now?

>11 What is the best thing you likes in my body?

>12 Which part of girls body do you think where the tattoo looks good?

>13 What do you wear when you go to sleep.

>14 Do you wear clothes from above while sleeping?

>15 Did you ever go for massage parlor? Do you like to take massage from a girl?

>16 What you think about foreplay means?

>17 Have you ever send your picture to any girl?

>18 Have you ever felt seductive while talking on a phone with me?

>19 May I know what the dirtiest thing you ever did in your life?

>20 If you and I are at the same place close to each other, what you will do with me?

>21  How much time will it take you to come here?

These are the hottest texts to send a guy to divert their mind and make him seduce.

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If we are facing the guy face to face, it’s not very tough to start conversations. You can ask these questions in person, but we suggest you ask these in text.

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