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20 Relationship Quotes – True Love Inspiring Relationship Quotes saying straight from the Heart

Looking for relationship quotes that will inspire your life?

There are certain lovely quotes that hold more importance to us than one might think. While many of us may find quotes cute, they sometimes touch our heart and there is something about them that rings true.

Here are some relationship quotes which stops you and make you think why you fell in love with this person in the first place.

 Relationships are like roads not all the right turn lead you to the destination most of the times you need to be left by someone for someone 


Relationships are like sentences the good ones don’t need punctuation marks.

I wish if few relationships could be like Netflix, I could have resumed exactly from where I had left.

Relationships are always true its people who make it fake.

You are like my favorite song, a tune that never leaves my mind, lyrics which my heart has memorized.

When they want to enter your life, they find reasons and when they want to leave your life, they create reasons.

My love is very strong, perfectly shield and heavily armored, but a bullet of dishonesty was enough to kill it.

I am the poet and you are what my poetry is all about.

Don’t worry about finding your true love, if you are real, love will find you.

She fell in love with his sense of humor, he made a joke out of their relationship.

Relations do not need cute voice and lovely face, Relations need beautiful heart and unbreakable trust.

And When I started treating her in the same way, like she treated me ….She left me …

It takes limitless courage to hold on the relationship just cause for love despite all odds.

Relationships get stronger not by laughing together, but sometimes by crying together.

A strong relationship requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

A relationship is not always two equal parts pairing up to make an equal joint but it is actually two unequal parts coming together to create equity among the diversity.

Where do you want to take me, if this is our last ride together?, if this is our last ride together? “to the start”

The sun leaves with the promise to come again and it does, we shouldn’t expect the same from people.

Some relationships are like earphones, always tangled but when you start them untangling sometimes they get a break.

Our last conversation made me realize, we have arrived at the same point from where we started.

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