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Types Of Girlfriends – Which One Is Made For You ?!

Do you want the type of girlfriend who is perfect for you ??

YES, everyone wants the same. A girl who takes care of you loves you, understands you and so many things you want from them. So let us talk about the different types of girlfriends.

You may date at first. Later you may end up liking someone based on their personality and eventually fall in love. Read till the end of this post, to know which kind of girlfriend you have or would like to have.

Different Types Of GirlFriends :

>1. Possessive one

She has a simple mantra for her boyfriend ‘You are mine and only mine’. Hence she makes sure to apply that on her boyfriend always. She can’t tolerate you being with someone else may it be your colleagues especially female ones.

She has to be with you everywhere possible. So much that you cannot spend any unofficial event without her and will make sure to mention and label you as hers in front of everyone.

Maybe she will try to gain control over your life completely. So that you can never ever go away from her.

>2. Emotional one

You see some girls crying almost always. Yes, they are the emotional kind of girlfriends. This kind of girlfriend might be either too innocent or too smart.

If she is innocent one then, she truly gets affected by small things and genuinely tears start flowing. If she is smart one then, she will try to just manipulate you every time by shedding some tears.

Finding yourself an innocent one will be definitely good for you. All that you got to do , is just console her a little bit whenever she starts getting emotional and that’s it, work done.

But if you find a smart one then you may end up getting manipulated according to her thoughts. At times you give in and it ends with you making fake promises or by getting costly gifts or even by planning some extravagant dates. So guys, be aware when you start getting manipulated into doing things.

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>3. Happy one

This kind of girlfriend is a happy-go-lucky kind of person.

The best thing about her will be, no matter what kind of situation it is, she will find something positive every time to keep herself happy.

It’s nice to have such a girlfriend. She along with herself will always manage to cheer you up with her bubbly nature. Also, she just manages to get a smile on your face every time you see her.

It’s always nice to have one such person who makes you forget all your worries and keep you happy. Make sure never to lose her.

>4. Cheater one

Let’s hope you are not one of those unlucky ones who find girls who successfully maintain 2 to 3 boyfriends at a time.

Maybe for physical reasons or monetary benefits she may have different partners at the same time. Maybe she feels it as an achievement to fool 2 to 3 guys at a time.

Irrespective of whatever the reason is a habitual cheater is never worth it. Frankly, it’s nothing good about being with a cheater. If you realize that you are with a cheater, make sure to end things before you may end up getting cheated again.

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>5. Detective

It may get really hectic if you find yourself such a girlfriend. She always needs updates on wherever you are.

She will always call you ‘N’ number of times to confirm your whereabouts.

Even she will even go the extent of installing location detection apps or some similar apps on your phone.

At times she will even confirm by calling your friends if you are really with them. Maybe it might be because of her doubtful nature or sometimes the thought that ‘All men are the same’ kind mentality.

If she is just fine whenever you are with her and loves you a lot. Maybe you can just ignore that doubtful nature of hers and be happy together until you can feel that you can manage her nature.

>6. Fighting one

As the name describes this kind of girlfriend will always fight with you almost every time you guys are together.

May it be from the simple choice of drink on your date to complicated issues. At times she may be correct but most of the times its pointless argument which may get you irritated.

But for your love you will also have those tricks with you, to calm her someway or the other, may it be by giving gifts to simple I love you, whatever that works for that situation.

>7. Casual one

Nowadays you may find many such girlfriends, not that it’s a bad kind of thing. They just wanna keep things casual, and it’s kind of better for both of you. Later, if you end up going through a break up it won’t hurt as much as that of being in a serious relationship.

Because of ever-changing lifestyles, needs and demands they believe in being in so strings attached kind of relationship, later moving on with their life maybe with or without you.

Hence you can choose to be with her only if you are okay with casual relationships or maybe you will end up getting a heartbreak.

>8. Committed one

If you have a committed girlfriend you almost have a wife for you without being married.

You will have no worries of getting cheated or any fear of betrayal. She will never leave you, in fact maybe she might have already chosen you as a lifelong companion and will always talk of how the future will be with you.

In fact, she might try to change her lifestyle so as to match yours,she will adjust herself according to your needs and your schedule.

If you have one such person as your girlfriend don’t let her go at any cost ever.

>9. Understanding one

You can consider yourself really lucky if you find yourself an understanding girlfriend.

You can consider that these are rarest of species still existing in this demanding girlfriends society.

She will always try to understand any situation from your point of view instead of simply starting accusing you or blaming you for any situation.
She will always try to support you in all your decisions. So guys if you have such girl make sure never neglect or lose her.

You will never receive any complaints if you cancel your dates if you get late if you forget events or dates or getting gifts maybe.

>10. Moody one

Okay, here I m not talking about PMS mood swings kind of thing, some girls are always moody.

You may say your girlfriend belongs to this type if she is moody like for the whole year, I mean always. You can never predict what mood she will be in when you meet her next.

For meeting her, you are always mentally prepared for any mood you may face during your next meet.

She may be happy one time, angry the other time, sad sometimes, excited the other times. Of course, sometimes it may get really difficult to handle such a girlfriend but it’s love that keeps you together anyway.

>11. Fashionista

Needless to say, if you have such a girlfriend then you will find her with best of her makeup, clothes, footwear and other accessories on point.

Most of these will even try to keep their boyfriends updated with latest fashion trend as well.

If you have one such girlfriend you might be habituated for getting late because of her makeup time, you may end up waiting somewhere for longer duration and its nothing new for you.

You might be used to hearing a lot of ‘your girl is pretty’, she might receive a lot of compliments owing to her fashion sense which might make you little insecure at times. But you will always feel lucky to have pretty one as your girl.

>12. Traditional one

Very few of these types of girlfriends are still existing nowadays.

These are the ones who still are a strong believer and follower of traditional values in this modern era.

They prefer traditional wear, they always follow their elder’s wishes types.

If you have one such girlfriend you can consider yourself blessed as she will take care of you like her family anytime.

>13. Foodie

The name itself suggests the girlfriend who loves to eat.

Here I don’t necessarily mean eating lots of food but rather a variety of food. She takes you different places just to eat a particular dish that tastes good over there.

Thanks to her you can eat lovely, tasty food all most every time to go on dates. Most of the times she herself will be great with cooking skill, owing to her foodie nature.

Maybe you will even gain a few extra kilos but trust me if you find a loving foodie person it’s worth it. Why miss a partner with whom you can spend the rest of your life having tasty food.

>14. Fitness Freak

The exact opposite of the last one, she will be a girlfriend who is always obsessed about her weight. And will always watch out on what she eats, will have strict food and exercise schedule.

Needless to say, she will have a beautiful physique.

But she may expect you to follow a healthy lifestyle as well. If you too are fitness lover then good to have one such girlfriend. So that both of you can stay healthy together quite longer by doing a couple of workouts. If not then be mentally prepared to start working out to get fit.

>15. Perfect one

The one who loves you too much, the one who has a perfect figure, the one who takes care of you always. The one who ignores all your mistakes, the one who never complains about anything, the one who stands for you always, the one lets you lead your life according to your wishes, the one who has equal interests as you in sports, video games, superhero series, the one who never changes tv channel that you are watching, the one who never quarrels with you. Similarly the one with all these qualities in a single person-the non-existent one.

So above we discussed the different types of girlfriends. 99 % of guys keep wishing for the perfect one may be sometimes somewhere in your reincarnation hope you find one.

Please like, share and tell us which type of girlfriend do you want? OR which one do you have? OR, If you have any suggestions, please do let us know in the comment section below.



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