10 Signs your Boyfriend might be Cheating on you

Have you started to feel that your boyfriend might be cheating on you? Here are a few signs that may be an indication of your boyfriend cheating on you.

One of the very first signs that you should consider is your gut feeling i.e your inner feelings. In most of the cases, it’s a strong human instinct. We feel it somehow that something is wrong even by noticing the smallest of the changes. 

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So if you have ever felt something is not quite right for few times lately. Then you should take it seriously and look for signs similar to those given below.

>1. He starts to hide things

You may start to observe that your boyfriend has started to hide things from you.

Maybe about his whereabouts, any new things that he might have bought or maybe something that he has planned newly. (if in case he used to inform you about everything initially before buying something or doing something different )

If you start to ask about such something, he may avoid providing you with any details. He may even brush off the topic as nothing much important.

starts to hide things

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>2. He avoids spending more time with you

One of the important change that you can catch quick is his absence.

He starts avoiding to meet you often, and the earlier frequent meetings get reduced considerably. Your already decided plans start getting canceled or postponed more frequently because of his sudden plans or unexplained health problems.

Maybe because of some new person in his life he starts to maintain distance from you. So as to extract some more time for the other person or perhaps because of reduced interest in you.

spending more time with you

>3. He picks fights over small things

You may start noticing that your boyfriend has begun to pick a fight with you over trivial issues. But if you feel that he is unnecessarily making a big issue of misunderstandings between you both over minimal mistakes of your or even maybe without any mistake of yours.

It may also happen so that he starts to hold you responsible for every fight. Such that it happens because of you or you are responsible for everything that’s happening wrong around your relationship.

In short, he starts to blame you for everything. So that later he can use that as an excuse to justify his cheating sometime later on.

fights over small things

>4. He denies access to his  phone

Whenever you are around if you start noticing that your boyfriend starts to carry his cellphone constantly with him everywhere he goes.

To the washroom, even for a short duration of time, he never forgets to leave it with you unattended. You may consider this as a sign that maybe he is trying to hide things from you.

He might be afraid that maybe some message or call may pop up from the significant new person in his life.

The major change you can consider is if earlier you knew all his passwords. But suddenly you find that you got no access to any contents on his phone anymore.

You may also observe that in case you ask for his phone he seems hesitant over handing over the phone to you.

He may let you have it without letting you checking gallery or messaging apps with eagerness to have it back. In short, you can sense his uneasiness whenever you are near his phone, and he becomes overprotective of his phone.

denies access to his  phone

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>5. He starts staying unreachable for a long duration

This is one of the indications that your boyfriend might have found some new special person.

Whenever you try to call him or text him he will be unreachable most of the times. Even if at times also he picks up the calls he will be busy most of the times. You will find him making different kinds of excuses for being unreachable.

It may happen because he might try to keep his phone off while trying to spend time with the new person and does not wish to get disturbed.

starts staying unreachable for a long duration

>6. He starts working late nights more often

If you observe that he starts working late nights more often lately, compared to what his regular schedule was.

If he starts to make excuses for extra classes (if he is a student) you can consider this as a strong reason that he might have started to cheat on you.

Sometimes is fine but if he starts repeating this frequently without any convincing reason. He may get unreachable each such “late working“time whenever you try to contact him.

working late nights more often

>7. His social media behavior

You start noticing significant changes in his social media platforms. He might have started posting pictures with some new friend of his more frequently.

In other cases, he might have reduced posting your couple photographs which he used to post regularly before. Also, you need to check if he changed his relationship status on any social media accounts.

Check for any changes in his online behavior on social accounts that he uses actively.

ocial media behavior

>8. He starts avoiding serious talks

If your boyfriend has started cheating on you, then he will start avoiding any serious talks with you.

Whatever you may say he starts to take it lightly or maybe he will even dodge the topic. Serious talks such as future talks, marriage talks, maybe career plans or some business plans.

Anything that may be important for the growth of your relationship and is concerned with both of you together. He will stop showing interest over such talks or ignore such discussions.

tarts avoiding serious talks

>9. He starts to lie

When your boyfriend starts cheating on you, he will slowly begin to lie to you. He may lie regarding many things such as his whereabouts, his new hobbies, his unexplained disappearances, etc.

But if in case you caught him lying through maybe his tagged social media posts or some common friend.

When you confront him about the same, he merely provides some lame excuse to cover up his lie. He may not find lying to you as a serious issue and can be a type of boyfriend might be cheating on you. Then you need to consider your choice of being in the relationship girl!!.

He starts to lie

>10. Sudden change in his Behaviour

You may start noticing some changes in his behavior during recent times.

Maybe he will refrain from touching you most of the times, no holding hands no cuddles or kisses, stops all the PDA, or suddenly if he starts paying more attention to his looks.

Whenever stepping out, he pays extra attention to his looks than his usual self. He may get tensed if you show up unexpectedly in front of him. He may become extra sweet towards you out of guilt of cheating and trying to hide it.

Just be aware of such changes which may make you feel that he is not his usual self. You may feel he is trying to become a different person.

Sudden change in his Behaviour

Keep in mind that your boyfriend might show a few changes as mentioned above. But it doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is cheating on you, he might be a genuine person.

Make sure to talk to him and clear things out if you feel that you are doubtful about his cheating part.

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