10 Most Common Problems in Long Distance Relationship faced by Couples

Being in a relationship with someone you love dearly is a blessing. But Being in an LDR(Long Distance Relationship) with someone can really get challenging. Problems in long distance relationship

Every couple in a relationship have their own set of problems. But there are some common Long Distance Relationship Problems faced by every couple.

Each relationship has its own fair share of ups and downs; it’s never all happy and feeling content. From simple ones to complicated ones, every couple has to face these problems to maintain a happy relationship.

An LDR couple is no different from this situation. It’s not just the distance, but along with it there follow a set of numerous problems caused by that distance.  It gets really complicated to solve these problems in a long distance relationship with the presence to so many miles in between a couple.

If you are one of those unlucky couples, who have to stay miles away from each other, these are a few problems that you might be facing or might have definitely faced in the past being in a long distance relationship.

Here are the 10 most common problems that are faced by any of the LDR couples –

1. Communication time

Getting time to communicate with each other is the first major problem faced by most of the long distance relationship couples.

Being in different cities, having different work schedules really affects your communication method and time.  

Managing your daily schedules, working overtime, with lagging deadlines getting some personal time itself gets difficult. With all that, you have to manage unofficial events such as team outings, lunch, or dinner plans with your colleagues.

With such conflicting schedules, it gets difficult at times, to give some quality time to your partner. Due to many such reasons willingly or unwillingly somehow LDR couples cannot give each other enough time.

This factor significantly affects their bond with each other.

2. Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings are part and parcel of any relationship, but maybe little more frequent in case of long-distance relationship couples.

Naturally, when LDR couples already have limited time for communication, misunderstandings can occur more easily compared to other couples.

It may happen so that something that a partner said is misinterpreted by another partner. But due to lack of time or any other reason it may happen so that they fail clear that misunderstanding immediately.

Such unresolved conflicts may build up in one partner’s mind may be with or without other partners knowledge. Like other couples, LDR couples cannot meet each other to sit and calmly talk their differences out.

Hence, from small or large ones, unsolved misunderstandings are bound to affect an LDR to a very great extent.

3. Conflicting ideology

This is a common problem for every LDR couple irrespective of, however much similar their thoughts are.

The idiom goes by “opposites attract” which might be correct but can cause a lot of issues in an LDR. When both partners have a different ideology, something that is correct for one might be wrong for the other.

This difference leads to misconceptions and causes fights which creates problems in long distance relationship couples.

A partner shares some particular incident that happened with him/her and how he felt or reacted on it.

Listening to which the other partner may get enraged on their choice of action or may dislike the way they reacted over it.

Sometimes situations arise where one partner might ignore the other partner. Due to something which he/she feels is the justified thing to do, but the other feels that was absolutely unnecessary.

This will simply enrage or upset the other partner. Such a difference in a Long distance relationship couple’s ideology impacts negatively on their relationship.

4.The constant fear of losing your partner

Naturally, if you love someone, you are always worried that ‘What if I lose this person that I love so much?’. Every person in the Long distance relationship is somehow worried about losing their partner sometime later.

What if he/she starts liking some new person around them? Or someone else tries to win them over me?  

What if he/she starts losing interest in me being so away from me?

Or maybe gets tired of being in an LDR because of not being able to handle the distance? Such questions haunt almost every person in a long distance relationship.

Perhaps because of physical absence or maybe losing interest in their partner, or some new found an interesting person around.

A person in an LDR always has that constant fear of losing their partner due to numerous reasons.

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5. Lack of Physical Intimacy

Needless to say, without the actual presence of two people, there is no possibility of any physical intimacy.

If an LDR couple is entirely faithful to each other regarding their physical needs, only then they will face this problem. A LDR couple always stays deprived of that physical intimacy, which is quite a normal thing for other couples.

It’s not only about having sex, but even simple things are absent in a LDR. Things such as holding hands, a warm hug, quick peck, sweet kisses, cuddling are what any LDR couple craves for.

There is a possibility that a sexually frustrated partner may end up cheating on the other one. Hence lack of physical intimacy is one of the most common problems faced by any LDR couple.

6. Spending some quality time together

When in a relationship, physical intimacy happens after quite a lot of time. Before that, a couple gets to know each other by spending a lot of time together.

The  LDR couples do not get to spend that quality their own personal time together. Things like watching movies together, doing shopping together, traveling together, visiting new places, become impossible for LDR couples.

And cannot have those romantic dates by bunking classes together or those scooty rides with lovely back hugs.

They cannot tease each other by tickling; they cannot share their favorite meals with each other. An LDR couple will miss those silly simple moments shared together and they cannot Re-Live those moments again and again.

The distance between any LDR couple makes them crave for being able to spend some quality time together.

7.Trust problems

Every couple goes through this phase of having trust issues over one another. But for LDR couples this may happen quite frequently.

The main reason for this is only that distance present between them. When some situations happens where a partner’s behavior changes a little compared to daily schedules; it starts to raise suspicion in other one’s mind.

When a partner begins to stay in office for long hours frequently, may ignore your calls due to some work commitments, stays busy to complete a deadline maybe.

The real problem occurs when he/she fails to inform the reason for their absence during that period of time. Most people do not consider it essential to give any reason, why they were busy or unanswerable to calls or texts.

Such unexplained absence starts to cause doubt in other partner’s mind, which in turn leads to cause trust issues in a LDR.

8. Jealousy

Jealousy is one of the common problems faced by any couple, be it an LDR couple or not.

Irrespective of how much a couple trusts each other, jealousy is bound to seep in sooner or later. Whenever a partner mentions something about any opposite sex colleague, the other one gets jealous.

He/she will start having thoughts such as what if that colleague is good looking,  more intelligent, or possesses better qualities.                                                     problems in long distance relationship

At times if a partner is still in with touch with their ex, or has some best friend of the opposite gender, who are actively involved and influence their life to a great extent.

In the absence of a partner, when such people start to influence the other partner’s life, the former one starts getting jealous.

Jealousy may not only occur because of the presence of better people in a partners life. But rather because of that feeling of not being able to be an active part of their daily schedule.

9. Lonely Feeling

Feeling lonely happens quite a lot of times in an LDR. There are certain things that you love doing just with your partner.

Dates, movies, feeding each other, walking hand in hand, etc. There are times when you find couples may be in the office or any public place doing some stuff together.

You miss doing that same stuff with your partner, which now you cannot because of the distance.

It happens so many times that you need your partner beside you. At times when you feel low and need a warm hug, when you want to share some happy stuff, when you just want to lay close to your partner.

 When you want to share so many things with your partner at the end of the day but cannot because of their busy schedule.

At such moments realizing that your partner is miles away and you cannot do anything much about it. Then is when loneliness creeps in your mind.

Loneliness negatively affects the lives of many people in LDR to a very great extent.

10. Waiting cause by ignorance

With different schedules, it makes it difficult for LDR couples to stay in constant touch. At times, one person might have lots of work to manage while another one might have easy going schedule.

It may happen so that a partner stops responding to texts or calls from their partner when busy with work.

The real problem occurs when he/she does not even bother to reply by a simple text that they are busy; they even forget to call back after getting free.

Sometimes even when they do connect, they try to talk or text along with working on a laptop. Hence they do not pay attention to what other person is talking about.

They ignore what other person is saying, or feeling, or trying to share with them. Such ignorance of one partner leads to endless waiting For the other partner.

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The other one ends up waiting for quite a long time with the hope that their partner may reply anytime soon.

This happens very frequently in almost every long-distance relationship, which ends up costing them their relationship over time in many cases.

But every problem has its solution. So we came up here with a solution that how you can manage your long distance relationship effectively.

Have you guys ever been in a Long distance relationship? What were the other problems that you faced being in a LDR? Share your experiences with us.

Let us know what problems you faced personally when in a long distance relationship.


 problems in long distance relationship


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